Hades's Home (Reviewed)

A singleplayer scenario made for the AOM. MADE BY DIGGI --------------------------------------------------------- Errr....I'm...


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A singleplayer scenario made for the AOM.



Errr....I'm not quite sure what the whole point of this map was, becasue the second I started the map up, it said I was victorious. If the purpose of this map was just to create a place, than the triggers served their purposes, I suppose. But otherwise, it DEFINATELY needs some work.

If the point of this map was to create a place, and that place happens to be Hades, home, as the title implies, than, in my opinion, this map needs some work. The map is just like to layers of Walls of Troys with fire/smoke in the middle, and Citadels lined up to form a fan-like figure around the outsides. It is not very detailed, and is uninteresting to say the least. I'm sorry, but I don't recommend this map, mainly because there are no objectives or purpose except for viewing.

Reviewed by: shimano55 (zintron@cox.net)


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Just save it in the "scenario" folder in the game directory

Age of Mythology

This is my first eye candy map.It is my imagination ho Hade's house.
I find it very attractive.Change the lightings and it may look even better.


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