Heart of Darkness (REVIEWED)



Ajax must find Arkantos and unite forces to defend the town center. Eventually, after several attacks, Arkantos must leave to take a river journey in search of the evil dragon. Along the way, he encounters dangerous creatures and increasingly strange situations. If he makes it to the end of the river, he must destroy the temple to reveal the dragon. Victory is achieved when the dragon is killed.

Review The story of this particular scenario is somewhat unclear. No introductory cinematic and the instructions are fairly rudamentory and not particularly descriptive. The general gist of the scenario is that for some unknown reason there is a temple on the map that needs to be attacked and the dragon that guards it killed. In this respect therefore, a neat little cinematic at the beginning of the scenario or even a story given in the initial objective would have improved my overall impression of the scenario. However, having said that, this is one particular scenario that does have a great deal of potential. The map is very well designed and there is plenty of eye candy to be seen. All parts of the explorable map were covered in trees, grass, bushes and other embellishments, for which the author should be commended. It is also evident that a great deal of time was spent in designing the 'paradise' part of the map and the ruined city - which both looked quite amazing. A good deal of terrain blending was used for a more natural look. The author clearly also had a fair knowledge of triggers.

Overall, this is a well designed scenario and is satisfyingly fun to play.

Reviewed by BlueDragon27



No readme is provided but the file needs to be placed in the AOM/scenario directory.

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