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What a good job. This map may be the best recreation of Helms Deep that I...


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What a good job. This map may be the best recreation of Helms Deep that I have ever seen. It is the FIRST that I have seen that acually plays out the battle form the time that King Theoden and hisdaughter Eowyn leave from their camp with the citizens of Rohan toward the fortress of Helms Deep. In all the other Helms Deep recreations, the creator starts the map from the city of Helms Deep and the attack has already began. The only objective in those other maps is to defend the city until "Gandalf Arrives at Sunrise". This map is different in that aspect. The first objective is to defend the Rohan encampment from the Tartaurian spawns. The rest of the objectives after that involve getting to and defending Helms Deep, though I believe that the first is very unique.

Another great thing about this map is its layout of Helms Deep. It is very acurate and follows the design laid out in both the movie and book. It even has the cool elevated area behind the gaet, which is unseen so far in these Helms Deep maps. The only problem with the design is that the ramp up the the aget could be longer and shallower. At the moment it is short and steep.

The cinematics and triggers in this map are amazingly detailed. The first cinematic is my favorite as it desends upon Theoden and Eowyn discussing their situation with the river sparkling in the background. Another great feature is Oscars use of unit speaking animation so it looks as if the characters are REALLY talking and not just standing there.

The only con with the map design is that it could use more eye candy to make the terrain a little more inviting. Other than that, the map is very welldone. Even though this may not be the best map EVER, it is one of the best Helms Deep scenarios. Good job Oscar. (and also: no offense was meant to other creators of Helms Deep recreations).


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Download 'spridersofrohanoscar.zip' (2.92MB)


Ispired by P. Jackson film, my realistic interpretation of the battle of Helm's Deep.

To play this scenario extract all files from the ZIP archive, place the .scx file in the scenario folder and the .mp3 and .wav files in the ...Age of Mythology/sound folder.

1) You must play this scenario with level of difficulty "Hard".
2) If you want some advice you can see it during the mission clicking on the objectives and “show hints”.
3) Remember to correctly place all files.
4) If you find problems or mistakes, send me an email.
5) YOU NEED THE EXPANSION to play this scenario.
6) With slower computers, some parts of this scenario could be slow, above all some cinematics.
7) there is a great number of triggers and is possible that some of them don't work. In this case restart or reload the game.

If you, after have played with my scenario, want to vote it I pray you to not ponder my bad English and my grammar mistakes. 

Scenario created by Oscar Baldessari ([email protected])

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