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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

Tranceman has made a scenario that needs improvement. It really does.

To start off, the op...


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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

Tranceman has made a scenario that needs improvement. It really does.

To start off, the opening cinematic has no music or camera angle changes and thus rushes you into the scenario with a mediocre intro, but at least he's taken the time to make a cinematic, however not-so-great it might be. You pretty much watch Ajax run down a path for a while.

Then the scenario starts; this is probably the most common plot for a scenario. He says: 'What the...' and whadaya know, cyclopes are attacking your town. You take your spread out crappy army and beat back the cyclopes, and you are transferred into another cinematic. Ajax talks to his father, who says that the cyclops have been attacking for a few days, and now some imitation heroic dialog, ending with Ajax: I WILL FIND OUT THE SOURCE OF THESE ATTACKS! or something like that.

Now some of the villagers start working and you task the other on farms etc. Right at this point you notice that there is some pretty good eye candy in this map, like the area around the temple, which is isolated from the city and has villies praying at it. There is no music even up to this point, degrading the FunFactor heavily.

You wait a few minutes playing a normal, extremely uneventful time, and then about 10 cyclopes attack. You by now have had no chance to rebuild your army and you are completely undefendable and you have no other choice.

At this point you could either lose the scenario or cheat. TINES OF POWER comes in handy. With about 30 forkboys, you beat back the invading cyclopes (Cyclopes use their special ability to instantly kill forkboys, but there is no other option besides mass cheating or extremely harsh rebuilding).

I took about 10 more forkboys and created a small defense army. I tasked all of my villagers on wood and gathered 300 wood, thus able to build a barracks, archery range, and a tower. I trained a few hoplites, got bored and attacked the northern cyclopes. You have perfect knowledge of approximately how many enemies you have to face, because the teams are listed in plain view on the right side; the creator of the scn didn't bother to hide them from view.

Needing all of my units, I travel north and just barely defeat the proportionately-to-your-army gigantic force, and the scenario ends with a camera cut of Ajax seeing an underworld passage and then the scenario ends. The conclusion has no point to it. An ending title comes up and says 'Victory!.' You are presented with a traditional 'Next Scenario' screen, but obviously there is no second scenario and you are taken back to the main menu.

Overall, meh. I don't recommend it. I mean, the creator of this needs to know what effort is. His eye candy isn't bad, but the triggers are completely generic and way out of proportion.

I'm sorry I had to cheat, I know, lol, but there was that option or never be able to review it, so... Seriously, Tranceman, update this!

Besides all this, there is no readme!!! Come on, at the very least write something.

TO ALL WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO INSTALL SCENARIOS: Put the .scn or (Titans only) .scx file in your ...Age of Mythology/Scenario program files folder.

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