Hypaspist to Murmillo (Reviewed)



Reviewed By: PCGamerMofo

- This isn't a big thriller. If you don't like the skin of the hypaspist, why not just not make it! But I do understand that people like the unit but not the skin, so I can't diss that. It also seems they rushed it. Not much of a recommended download....at all. And there is no uninstall instructions in the readme. -

This mod gives your Champion Hypaspist the skin of a Champion Murmillo.




Put the .ddt file in the Textures folder in your AOM Directory.

---Please note:

This mod was built by Joey the Titan and produced by the Aom
Network Design Team. Also the builder of the mod or Aom Network
Desogn Team is not reliable for any bad things that happen to
your game or anything else.


Please e-mail neon_joey@hotmail.com for comments, complaints and questions.


Building: Joey the Titan
Producing: The Aom Network Design Team

---Final notes:

Thank-you for downloading this mod and we hope that you will enjoy it.


                               The Aom Network Design Team

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