Jason and the Argonauts (Reviewed)



Reviewer: Dozza

This scenario is very good. It follows the myth of Jason and his quest for the golden fleece. I know alot of people will await a sequal as the author states there may be one.

The triggers are done very nicely, a few spelling mistakes and other punctuation faults and is a bit easy (besides a few parts).

I reccomend this for download, you should enjoy it. Good work Krysar.



Created: By Krysar in Slovakia
Email: [email protected]
Install: copy *.scn file into scenarios folder in your AoM folder.
Uninstall: remove *.scn file from scenarios folder.
Notes: This scenario is for Age of Mythology (c) crated by Ensemble Studios(c) and Microsoft (c)
       - This scenario has many triggers. Its based on Jason and Argonauts myth, but some 
         names arnt correct because ES didnt make units customizer in scenario editor. So
         Except for Fineas you will get Old man and Pelias or Argo- Theocrat... and so on.
         I will change them soon as unit customizer is awaylable. 
       - Feel free to rebuild my scenario for your use but dont forget to write down its
         original creator ;) (me).
       - I will posibly make part 2 if Ill have time for this. Making scenario with tons of
         triggers isnt very easy. So thats about everything you need to know about this
         scenario. Have fun and write me if you have any questions.

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