Kamos (Reviewed)

Read the readme for the description.

Reviewer: shimano55



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Read the readme for the description.

Reviewer: shimano55


I could definately tell that this was a first try at mapping, no offense intended of course. It was a very simple map, and not at all exciting. The objectives were very shallow and uninteresting. Also, it took me about 5 minutes to win. At the end, there is a simple cinematic showing Kamos dying. After that, the screen fades to red, and you win. I do not reccomend that you download this map.

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Download 'kamos_sp.zip' (90KB)



	Unzip to the directory "Age of Mythology/Scenario."  Then, go into the game and click "Single Player," then load the game,
or you can load it in the map editor (which is cheating but you can do it) by clicking "more" and then "editor" and then pressing


	A map starting out Greek and then crossing a broad river to the base of Kamos in a desert.

Questions or Comments? Email me at aboyd@csus.com or soaperab@attbi.com.  Thanks for playing!

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