KoTM: Heroes of Avalon (Reviewed)



King of the Mountain: The Heroes of Avalon is a fun, challenging, and quite innovative new scenario by Gaurdian_112, which is also part of a KoTM trilogy. It combines strategic gameplay with constant action to produce a scenario which excels in nearly every aspect. The talk-to-villagers is a fresh idea created (I think) by Gaurdian which lets you talk to units to complete objectives and minor submissions. It uses excerpts of the Hobbit for its plot, in which Thorin and his band of heroes travel to kill Smaug the dragon and reclaim the mountain. True, it does get tedious at points when you are slaying Frost Giant after Frost Giant and bands of hero enemies, but this is very minor and just gives it more of a challenge. Overall, this scenario is an excellent download which is much more than the average scenario, and if you liked it, try KotM : the Mists of Lothrendell and KotM : War of the Crowns... -Reviewed by Waveslave610



The Heroes of Avalon



Gather a band of heroes and travel across the world to smite the dragon Smaugh. 
Your two intial heroes, Valkierie and the Hero of Ragnorak (Thorin), must survive!


Place the "the heros of avalon.scn" in the Age of Mythology Scenario folder, aswell
put the "Morrowind Title Music" in the Sounds>>Music>>Standard Folder.


1) Heal your units using Valkerie or some other units if you buy them.

2) Thorin's LoS is very low, so use Valkerie to view the city..its really nice.

3) Search the city thoroughly..some of the best heroes are hidden where you least expect 

4) If it lags, reduce resolution and graphics quality.

5) To survive against poseidon, use hit and run tactics.

6) Don't use Valkerie against Medusa.

7) Save often.

8) At the green sea, don't kill every single enemy you find. Sacrifice a boat and move on.
Make sure your transports survive.

9) YOUR SIEGE WEAPONS are important. You don't really need them..but then again...

10) Buy Ramses, the Son of Osiris. He's the most powerful unit and will be very useful..(and most expensive)

11) For the final boss, use hit and run tactics and beware his mighty magical arsenal.

12) In the forest, make sure none of your siege weapons get ambushed.

13) You can talk to some villagers by clicking on them.

14) I know it mnight be hard to find the relic or the priest, but keep looking and click on villagers, some
have info on the whereabouts of those things.

Other Comments:


And by the way, music is from the game the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowmind and its some of the
best music I've ever heard..even better than lotr's...

This was tested 5 times, but if you find any bugs, please tell me at 
[email protected] .

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