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Review This is an AMAZING map.... the cinematics are awe-inspiring and so is the...


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Review This is an AMAZING map.... the cinematics are awe-inspiring and so is the map. It starts out with a prisoner escaping from a extremely strong prison and follows his story as he enters a town where he would have been captured by armed guards if it had not been for a mighty Captain who saved him with the aid of a large Hawk. As it turns out, and is described in the intro....the hawk is truly a beatiful princess put under a curse that causes her to become a hawk when the sun rises. Her lover, the great captain, has been put under a similar curse and turns into a fierce wolf when the sun sets.

The young prisoner must take the hawk to a great monk for healing. The rest of the story unfolds as the escapee must find a way to release the two lovers form their curse forever. This is a MUST have map for EVERY age of mythology player. Even though I think that the movie is REALLY sappy and corny....this may be one of the best maps released yet. It takes a boring story (in my opinion) and brings it to life in a fun and adventurous enviornment. There are a few grammatical errors in the cinematics, but it doesn't interupt gameplay at all because the misspelled words are close enough to their real-life spellings to make sense to the reader.

Once again...GREAT job Grande4. I am truly amazed at how well you can use the scenario editor to its fullest. Very well done. I recommend this to ALL downloaders.


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                            L A D Y   H A W K E 

Scenery for Age of Mythology – The Titans
by Mago Merlino
February  2004.

This scenery is inspired to Edward Khmara’s tale (1985 20th Century Fox and Werner Bros. – Directed by Richard Donner) 
In a fantastic world of knights and wizards, two lovers has been cursed by a spell: they will be always together, but they cannot love each other.
Isabeau will be a hawk during the day; Navarre will be a fierce grey wolf during the night. To break the curse they need the help of a young thief: Philippe “the mouse” and of an unfrocked priest.
They shall enter the evil bishop castle and kill him. Only that way they can love each other forever. 
( By )

In a gloomy and violent middle age subdued by magic and superstition the romantic Richard Donner’s tale show tragedy, mystery and fun too.
(by ).

Thank you for using “Lady Hawke”.


This “LadyHawke-readme” contains the latest information about “Lady Hawke” scenario “”, for instructions and usage.

Table of Contents:

·	Files Descriptions “”
·	Installation Instructions;
·	Uninstall;
·	Technical Specification;
·	Synopsis;
·	Target and suggestions.

The author is not responsible for any damages or loss of data that occur to your system for using "Lady Hawke" scenario.



The file “” contain:

- Scenario file “ladyhawkeENG.scx” in english language;
- This document in .txt format;

To view LadyhawkeReadme.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window. To print LadyhawkeReadme.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor, 
then use the Print command on the File menu.

                        INSTALLATION  INSTRUCTIONS

Extract the .scx file from the zip-Archive into the folder "AoM\Scenarios"
(X:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario.)
After that, you can start AoM, play the scenario via "Single Player" and select LadyHawkeENG Scenario.


      You  could remove the " ladyhawkeENG.scx " by deletting the .scx file


Philippe Gaston, enterprising young pickpocket, escapes through the sewer system, from the prison at Aquila, stronghold of the evil Bishop. In running from the pursuing "guard" he encounters a strange man on a black horse, who has a hawk perched on his arm, Etienne of Navarre. Navarre has saved him from ertain death, and he travels a way with him. His first discovery is that Navarre saved him for a reason, to lead him back to Aquila. Little time passes before Philippe discovers mysterious and magical secrets. When night falls, Captain Navarre disappears. Simultaneously, a lovely young woman appears. When day breaks, Navarre reappears and the lady disappears. The hawk is Navarre's daytime companion, and he is never far from her. At night the large black wolf is near, and seems to protect the encampment. They could be together, but they would be forever apart: for a single instant at sunrise and sunset they could be with one another, but it would pass and either he would become a wolf by night or she would become a hawk by day. Together forever, but forever apart.
As long as the sun rises and sets, as long as there is day and night, and for as long as they both shall live. Philippe is still in danger from the guards. One day, in a skirmish where Navarre is once again rescuing Philippe from the Bishop's guard, an arrow escapes from a crossbow, and pierces the hawk. Distraught, Navarre sends Philippe with the wounded hawk to a monk well known to him, for medical care. Philippe discovers the truth about the nocturnal changes. It was an evil curse visited on the couple by the bishop, that they should "always be together, eternally apart". They are never in their human forms at the same time.
Imperious the monk reveals the story to young Philippe:

Phillipe: It’s him, isn’t it? The wolf, somehow, it’s him.
Imperious: Drink, forget!
Phillipe: An hour ago you were drunk, and you remembered.
Imperious: What do they call you, boy?
Phillipe: Phillipe Gaston.
Imperious: Her name is Isabeau D’Anjou. Her father was the count D’Anjou, an ill-tempered fellow. He found his death slaying Saracens in Antioch. She came to live, with her cousin I think it was, in Aquila. I shall never forget the first time I saw her. It was like looking at…
Phillipe: The face of love.
Imperious: Ah, you too? Well, I suppose we were all in love with her in different ways. Even His Grace, the Bishop, couldn’t think of nothing else.
Phillipe: The Bishop loved her?!
Imperious: As near as that evil man could come to it. His passion was a sort of madness. He was a man possessed! But Isabeau sensed his wickedness, and she shrank from him. She sent back all his letters and left his poems unread. Her heart was already lost, you see. To the Captain of the Guard.
Phillipe: Etienne Navarre!
Imperious: The Bishop knew nothing about their love. But every day he saw it grow stronger and deeper and richer. Until…
Phillipe: Until?
Imperious: They were betrayed. They shared the same confessor, a weak, foolish priest. On one day, on a drunken confession to his superior, he committed a mortal sin. He revealed the lovers’ secret vows to the Bishop. The old fool didn’t realize what he had done at first, or the terrible revenge the Bishop would exact. His Grace seemed to go mad, he lost both his sanctity and his reason. He swore, that if he could not have her, no man would. So, Navarre and Isabeau fled from Aquila. The Bishop followed, ever more ardent, ever more persistent than a hound. An evil man, a powerful man, hated and feared; rejected even by Rome itself. He called upon the powers of darkness for the means to damn the lovers. In his fury and frustration, he struck a dreadful bargain…with the Evil One. The dark powers of hell spat up a terrible curse, and you have seen it working. By day, Isabeau is the beautiful bird you brought to me. And by night, as you have already guessed, the voice of the wolf that we hear is the cry of Navarre. Poor dumb creatures, with no memory of the half-life of their human existence, never touching in the flesh. Only the anguish of a split second at sunrise and sunset, when they can almost touch… but not.
Phillipe: …always together…eternally apart…
Imperious: As long as the sun rises and sets, as long as there is day and night, and for as long as they both shall live. You have stumbled onto a tragic story, Phillipe Gaston. And now, whether you like it or not, you are lost in it, with the rest of us.

He carries the guilt of having betrayed the love of this cursed couple to the Bishop, at a week moment while drunk, revealing their love in their confessions.
The bishop, enraged and unwilling to let anyone have the woman is he could not, placed a cruel and terrible curse upon them both. 
Imperious though, has a plan , to reunite these two lovers in their human forms and break the curse. Philippe at first protests and has no desire to return to Aquila. Dismissing the "sign of God" given to Navarre he says "I talk to God all the time and he never mentioned your name." Imperious also claims his plan is God given. For Navarre plans on ending at least part of the torment of his curse: kill the Bishop of Aquila the same bishop that cursed him or die trying. But things are not as simple as all that. Navarre has nearly lost all hope of overcoming the curse and rides towards Aquila with death on his mind. Isabeau, too, has begun to despair of ever being reunited with her one true love. The monk, Imperius, has discovered the secret to breaking the curse: a night without a day… and a day without a night…

Imperious: May God’s blessings be with you both, from this day forward.
Navarre: I bless the day he brought you back to us, father. And you. And you…
Isabeau: You’re the truest friend we could ever have. Thank you.
Imperious: I fully intend to meet you at the pearly gates, little thief. Don’t you dare disappoint me!
Phillipe: I’ll meet you there, father. Even if I’d have to pick the lock.


                         TARGET AND SUGGESTIONS

Target 1:Take off bishop's guards attention to let Philippe escape.
Suggestion: In first time not all your former guards will attack you.

Target 2: Bring Philippe and hawk to monk Imperious, along the path passing through the Agijon forest.
Suggestion: Along your way you'll find wild and fierce beasts, the hawk is nearly dead, run without turn back.

Target 3: Go to the bandits village and destroy the barracks.
Suggestion: Try to retrieve the caravans, they couldt be usefull.

Target 4: Clean the quagmire site from fierces.
Suggestion: Choose a path and kill the fierces sieging the site.

Target 5: Kill all the bugs and lizards in the mine.
Suggestion: Be sure that the mine is cleaned, before sending the villagers.

Target 6: Make a strong army to tumble down the huge walls and enter the castle.
Suggestion: Be sure to be strongh enough before attack.

Target 7: Kill the Bishop!


                           Special Thanks go to:

Karlem Agnus ([email protected]) for the english translation and suggestions;

Ten2000 (Age of Empires Italia Webmaster) and Ganesh (beta test and bug hunting).

For the latest information, visit my web site at:


you'll find LA S F I D A and L'ULTIMO NAUFRAGIO other wonderful scenarios for Age of Mythology.

If you encounter any problems: [email protected]

                                                                  Mago Merlino

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