Legionary of Destruction (Reviewed)



This mod turns your Destroyer into a Roman Legionary. Now I'm not going to keep complaining about how this isn't a new unit to all of his mods, but just to let you know, this is a replacer. The mod doesn't look that different from the actual Destroyer, with the exception of a shield (which was actually well done) and a reddish cape. Not to say the mod looks bad, its just he hasn't changed much. Nevertheless, it looks like a Roman Legionaire, and probably is his best texture so far... ...waveslave...




Put the .ddt files in the Textures folder in your AOM Directory.

---Please note:

This mod was built by Joey the Titan and produced by the Aom
Network Design Team. Also the builder of the mod or Aom Network
Desogn Team is not reliable for any bad things that happen to
your game or anything else.

Please give credit to the creator when you use this in anything 
you publicisize.


Please e-mail [email protected] for comments, complaints and questions.


Building: Joey the Titan
Producing: The Aom Network Design Team

---Final notes:

Thank-you for downloading this mod and we hope that you will enjoy it.


                               The Aom Network Design Team

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