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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

Well well well, WaveSlave strikes again. He gives us Legolas from the LotR. I love the texture, man that's good! Still, there is room for improvement. His stats could've been better, as he can barely stand up to an arcus without getting severely injured :/ Legolas's texture is great, but can only be seen great when zoomed in on, and since most people don't play Age of Mythology zoomed in all the time, it is harder to appreciate the texture. If you could update this, waveslave, then that would be great. Give the best and only archer in the fellowship a nice special attack, and improve his stats. One last thing: the readme. Waveslave expects too much of the modding n00bs out there who will download this. There are a lot of assumptions in the readme as: 'make sure the # is one more than the one before'. Now, I'm a modder, and I know that this means the dbid number should be 1+ the previous. But say so for people who don't know! Please update your unit with a better, more noobie-friendly readme! You don't get a 10 on your installation instructions 'cause an auto-installer section and a proto installation section would be nice. Overall, the texture is great, but the stats and FunFactor of this mod aren't as good. Room for updating, but I can see a fantastic texturer upcoming...




Name-Ricky Irwin
[email protected]
AIM- Xwaveslave610X

Legolas Greenleaf Modification for Age of Mythology : The Titans

	Legolas Greenleaf of J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings was an Elven archer, with
bow skills so adept that he could take out orcs from hundereds of feet away. He joined the 
fellowship of the ring at the Council of Elrond, where he set off with eight other heroes on
a quest to destroy a ring so powerful, if in the wrong hands the wielder could conquer the world.
He became friends with Gimli son of Gl0in, and unlikely friendship, and  accompanied Aragorn to
defend Middle Earth.


	There are two ways to install a unit. One is to replace the original unit, and the 
other is to make a totally new unit. The latter is the most commonly desired, as you can keep
both the original and new unit in the Age of Mythology Game.

1. IF YOU HAVE NEVER MADE A NEW UNIT BEFORE- Place the Protox.xmb file into the AoM/Data 
or- IF YOU HAVE MADE NEW UNITS BEFORE- Study the arrangement of the last unit text in the 
protox file, Legolas, and update your protox with the information, making sure the # is one
more than the one before.
2. Place the Anim file in the AoM/Anim folder.
3. Place the Legolas.ddt file in the AoM/Textures folder.
4. Place the Legolas.xmb and Legolas_snds.xml in the AoM/Sound folder.
---If you need more help email me at [email protected]


1. Rename Legolas.ddt to archer x hero.ddt 
2. Place the archer x hero.ddt in the AoM/Textures folder.


1. Erase the Legolas text in the protox.xml. (to get protox.xml, convert protox.xmb with Aomed)
or delete the protox.xmb from the AoM/Data folder.
2. Delete any files that you added in the installation.

Special Thanks to...
J.R.R Tolkien, for inventing this character as well as the Lord of the Rings. Go read the books.

King Jared, for helping me with any animation problems.

Coolsk8r32, for writing that modding guide that showed me how to create new units.

All the Aom legends before me, such as Reyk, Ykkrosh, and Vachu, for showing everyone how
to mod, anim edit, etc...

Ensemble Studios, for Age of Mythology

...Any negative effect, although very unlikely, this mod has on AoM is not my fault and um..
you can't sue me...This mod has been tested for bugs, which are none, and if you find anything,
or just have a compliment, complaint, suggestion, criticism, or question, email me at [email protected]

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