Legolas V2 and Installer (Reviewed)

Comments by Ashatay Unit by WaveSlave610 Installer by Shimano55...


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Comments by Ashatay Unit by WaveSlave610 Installer by Shimano55

Review by Ashatay This pack is great. Firstly, the unit: This mod is fantastic, amazing job with the actual unit itself, in how it looks. Also, it's stats are fantastic. It isn't too powerful, but with 30 of them you can kill a titan before he even gets close to you ;) You might say that's too powerful, but why would you have 30 Legolas' in one map? Fantastic job waveslave610!!!

Secondly, the installer: Without this I would never be able to use the mod. It makes everything extremly simple. Withing one minute I had installed and used my first ever mod! Great job shimano55!!!

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Download '' (398KB)

Run Legolas.exec and follow the instructions.

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