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I could easily call this the BEST[/...


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I could easily call this the BEST LOTR scenario I have played to date! DaveYoung has doubled his effort from "The White City" to better recreate the Tolkien universe in the end of the Third Age, as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf (all edited with names, attack, and health) lead a massive army to defend the city of Minas Tirith and attack Orcs, Trolls, and more at the foot of Mordor itself. The heroes attempt to draw the Eye of Sauron's attention from Mordor to the themselves at the Black Gate, allowing Sam and Frodo to fulfill their quest. The map itself is one of the best designs I have seen, from the intricate city of Minas Tirith to the Black Gate itself. Along with the 2 included LOTR music clips, detailed map and Tolkien-accurate interpretation of the events, you will experience LOTR as never before seen on AOM. Overall, this map makes me feel like saying, "Why are you still reading this? GO DOWNLOAD IT!!!" -Reviewed by Waveslave610

Reviewed by CoolSk8r32 ~I was ecstatic when Dave Young submitted a sequel to the White City, which is one of my favorite scenarios made for Age of Mythology. I hate to say it, but as usual, the sequel is never as good as the first. The city Gondor is great! I don't know exactly how he managed to raise the city at its peak so much. It looks great, but could've had a little more time put into it. I commend Dave Young on his eye candy abilities. ~The first scene starts out with no cinematic, rushing you into the scenario, which has a funny feeling to it. I don't like that: a cinematic would be perfect here, but there is none. You are told to go to Gondor and defeat the orcs attacking it. This first battle is monotonous and lasts about one minute. I did however like the music he uses. It adds a great feel to it, and livens up the battle a bit. I also think that in this first scene a god power invokation would be nice. The orcs attack is quickly defeated by your souped up heroes, and you move on to the Black Gate. ~The Black Gate is amazingly far away, and since your armies are huge, it makes it difficult to travel the narrow forest roads. I also found this odd that there is a civilized road in the middle of a forest. A dirt road would add to the experience, and maybe some lighting changes. ~When you reach the Black Gate you defeat Kamos, a.k.a. the Mouth of Sauron?! I don't get this part: maybe the Mouth of Sauron could be something different than a tiny minotaur... ~Then, the lighting changes and the second piece of LotR music starts. Trolls and Einherjars (No, he didn't bother to change their names) come and attack you. And there are a lot! For the first two minutes of this three-minute battle, it is amusing to watch. Your archers are stationed on two hills as he recommends and the heroes, infantry, and Contarii attack the 'orcs.' The Nidhogg comes, cleverly named Nazgul, and attacks you, but is beaten by your archers. ~When all of the orcs were destroyed, I expected the map to be over, or maybe the view would switch to Frodo and Sam or something. But no, Dave Young changes the LotR storyline and has your armies go up to Sauron's tower and destroy it. There are no guards, no nothing. Now you have these eagles helping you, but they don't help much as the battle is long over. You monotonously destroy the Kronos Wonder, named the 'Tower of Barad-Dur.' After that, then the map is finished. This scenario ends too late and begins too quickly. Download this, I recommend it, but if you really are an impatient one you might want to hesitate before doing so. I got bored at some parts. ~Nice map, Dave Young, but the action could be more eventful. I have averaged my ratings with the ratings of WaveSlave610. ~No, I don't think he has doubled his effort, he has put in about 3/4 of the effort he put into The White City. Download that before you get this, I like it much better.

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Download 'lord_of_the_rings_~_the_black_gate_sptitans.zip' (10.12MB)


******** Scenario: The Black Gate ****************
********** Creator: Dave Young *******************

Here it is folks, the map you've all been waiting for. It is a continuation of my last map 'The White City'. It starts back at Minas Tirith finishing off the rest of Sauron's Forces. Then you take all of your armies across the river and to the black gate of Mordor. I won't say anymore except that a huge battle takes place here. I've juiced up all of the main characters and you can probably win the entire scenario with just them. Gandalf can move pretty fast and Legolas is the best archer you've ever seen.

Put the scx file into your scenario folder.
Put the two mp3 files into the sound\music\fight folder.

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