Marathon of DOOM!

Arkantos, Nidhogg and Gargarensis are bored. What should they do? ...How about hosting a- (Download this fun scenario by the creator of FFTA...


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Arkantos, Nidhogg and Gargarensis are bored. What should they do? ...How about hosting a- (Download this fun scenario by the creator of FFTA and Persona RPG! Or else! :D)(Edit succesful! Download the newest version now!)

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The Norse Warriors are on vacation, and the Archer Blood Warriors are all dead. What entertainment is left for Arkantos, Gargarensis and Nidhogg? Well.... what about hosting a -


You, as one of the four competitors, have to race through (eye-candy filled) perilous mountans, mystifying mazes and painful ballista shots. Scared of dying? No problem... every time you die you will re-appear at the last checkpoint you passed, ready to go and at full health. The only two drawbacks of this are your lost time, and the terrifying pain. All this for 10000 gold pieces!

Unfortunately, Arkantos, Gargarensis and Nidhogg soon find out that they don't HAVE 10000 gold pieces - they have 10000 pieces of chewing gum! Oops. They will start to frantically deploy fearless, computer animated enemies at you, which will slash and hack you to pieces... if they can catch up with you... Two members of AGN incorporated (Arkantos, Gargarensis and Nidhogg Inc.) will also oppose you - randomly chosen of course.

Kill the computer animated enemies to get gold to add to your total prize stash! Then buy computer animated "boosters" (no.... not steroids.... you get blood tests before the race...) to run ahead of the pack. Have your competitors taken all your enemies in their frenzied rush ahead of you? No problem! Enter the colosseum any time you want and kill stuff there - you can resume the race at any time. The colosseum cheerleader is the great Athena, who will provide intelligent commentary such as "Like, once, I was, like, raking leaves, and the I, you know, like, fell out of the tree. Like!"

There are also randomly appearing secret passages! There is a 1/5 chance that each passage will be open. Find the great UBER TELEPORTERS and rush to victory!

Get to the finish line and take that prize money! Good luck ... you'll need it. (Unless you're the creator and know everything there possibly is to know about it .) 

EDIT: The colosseum now has easier enemies, and area 5 is easier - 3 Titans instead of 4.

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