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"GLADIATOR - Maximus Modpack" by King Jared

Thank you for downloading the modpack. The mod will add the unit Maximus from the movie GLADIATOR (Dreamworks, 2000, starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Pheonix), as he appears fighting the undefeated gladiator Tigris of Gaul. The unit is based on the animations of the General Melagius unit from THE TITANS expansion.

Modpack Features...

~> Highly detailed cinematic texture ~> Double-resolution standard texture ~> Highly detailed cinematic and standard shield textures ~> Customized unit icons ~> Customized ProtoUnit stats ~> DLL defined name and roll over information ~> Unit history (based on the movie, not history)

Version 1.3

- Removes the desktop folder that somehow got included in the extractor of version 1.0. - Head and face textures edited to give the unit a closer likeness to Russell Crowe. Used a still from the DVD to capture facial features. - Standard texture edited so that armor designs appear correctly. Were shown flipped in original textures. - Adds the ProtoUnit information in a separate text file, for those who wish to install the modpack, but have other mods with an edited protox.xml/xmb installed.

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Download '' (875KB)

IMPORTANT - Before you install...

First, notice the file named "xpacklanguage.dll" included in this ZIP archive. Make sure
to keep this file somewhere on your computer. You may want to replace it when you choose
to uninstall this modpack, although it isn't really necessary to do so. Or, if you've
edited the "xpacklanguage.dll" for your own purposes, move that file from your AOM root
folder. The "xpacklanguage.dll" defines all names and text used in the game. When this
modpack is installed, it will replace the existing "xpacklanguage.dll" in the AGE OF 
MYTHOLOGY folder with an edited version. No existing names or texts in the file are 
changed, but new ones are added. Therefore, unless you've edited your own DLL, keeping a
backup of this file is unnecessary, as there are no alterations of existing texts. But
it's still good to know these things.

Second, as I'm unable to edit and apply new textures to the cinematic Granny 3D models,
the textures for the cinematic version of General Melagius and the cinematic Hoplite's
shield will be changed. While the original files will remain intact in the textures
BARs, so long as the modpack is installed those textures will appear differently in the
game. Therefore, if you have a previous mod installed that makes use of these textures,
they will be overwritten when this mod is installed, so you may wish to move them from

Third, this modpack installs a file called "protox.xmb" into the AGE OF MYTHOLOGY\DATA
folder. Therefore, if you have previously edited the "protox.xmb" and it remains in the
DATA folder, you may wish to move it to an alternate location, as it will be replaced.


First thing to take note of (if you haven't already) is that you must have... AGE OF
MYTHOLOGY: THE TITANS EXPANSION for this modpack to work.

I have included a self-extractor EXE with the various files and their proper folders. It
is set by default to extract the files to the location...


This is generally the default location where the game is installed. If you folder is NOT
installed in this location, you will have to manually insert the location into the
appropriate field.


To uninstall the modpack, the following files must be deleted...

	- maximus_anim.txt

	- protox.xmb

	- maximus.txt

	- Maximus_snds.xmb
	- maximus_snds.xml

	- cine g hoplite shield.ddt
	- cine x hp melagiusmap.ddt
	- hero maximus head map.ddt
	- hero maximus map.ddt
	- hero maximus shield map.ddt

	- hero maximus icon 64.ddt
	- hero maximus icon 32.ddt

And, like I mentioned above, replace the "xpacklanguage.dll" in the AGE OF MYTHOLOGY
folder proper with the backup. Or if you've misplaced or deleted the backup, reinstall
the game to restore the original file. But again, it's not really necessary to do so.


Well, for those of you familiar with what I'm doing, this project was just a slight
detour from my work. Watch for THE LAST STAND OF ATLANTIS, my new single-player campaign
for AOM:TT, coming out about mid-February, 2004 (hopefully).


Visit my Project Webpage at...

Any questions or comments, contact me at... 
[email protected]

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