Mercenary Swordsman Pre Release



This will add a new unit to your game, the Mercenary Swordsman. This is a pre-release version, so it is not fully complete. Make sure you read the readme :D.



This is a pre-release Mercenary Swordsman with a kick ass cape (thanks Dnas for sorting that out, and to everyone else who i asked for help) this is like i said a 
pre-release version and it might change when i bring out the full mod so you will have to wait untill then for the full Mercenary Swordsman


just paste either the contents of Proto.txt or Protox.txt into your Proto/Protox.xml file  =	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\data)
put the anim.txt in teh anim folder 					    =	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\anim)
and the snds in the sound folder 					    =	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\sound)
oh and the ddt's go in the textrues folder 				    =  	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\textures)
The xpacklanguage.dll/language.dll go in your Age of Mythology folder 	 	    =	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology)
(rember to back up the origional file)
and finally put the History file in the units section of the	    		    =	(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\histo
History folder of your AoM directory)

The specified Directorys are the games default ones, but you of course may have changed to your own ones

Just delete your proto.xml and your ok, but you can remove all of it if you hate this fle that badly :P



SPECIAL BONUS FOR THE FIRST 10 DOWNLOADS (now that got your attention ;))

this is actually for everyone even if you download number 2200000000003434232342343245 you still get this

To add the unit to the game enter this line of code into the Barracks in your Proto.xml/Protox.xml:

<train column=&quot;3&quot; row=&quot;1&quot;>Mercenary Swordsman</train>

Add this to the Egyptian Civilizations (Ra, Isis and Set, if you add this to Greeks, Norse or Atties it won't work):

<effect type=&quot;Data&quot; amount=&quot;1.00&quot; subtype=&quot;Enable&quot; relativity=&quot;Absolute&quot;>
	<target type=&quot;ProtoUnit&quot;>Mercenary Swordsman</target>

Remeber it won't work for Greeks, Norse or Atlanteans, ONLY EGYPTIAN (tho if you ask niceley you can edit it to put in other Civs, it is just more historically accurate if the Egyptians use them)

Enjoy this little treat for you all 


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