Minas Tirith

Scenario: Minas Tirith Creator: dj_sammy

Red Eyes-Black Dragon Mod...


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Scenario: Minas Tirith Creator: dj_sammy

Red Eyes-Black Dragon Mod History: V 1.0 Basic Mod V 1.2 Fixed The Brown Patches On The Wings. V 1.5 Made The Eye Bigger. V 1.7 Added Readme To The Zip.

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Download 'minas_tirith_sp.zip' (5.38MB)

I was inspired to make this after playing 'The White City' by daveyoung.  
Your goal is to protect Minas Tirith, from the siege of Mordor. 

- Place the mp3 file in sound/music/fight folder in the aom directory.
- Put the .scn and bak file in the scenario folder.
- For the .ofd file you will need the program called vachu's aom object editor for it to work and install. 
- There is a unit file of the red eyes black dragon from yu-gi-oh which if you want can put in, 
  the instructions are in the folder. It will replace the nidhogg and represents the nazgul.
- Paste the .lgt file in the data folder. 

If there are any glitches in the game or something wrong please contact me at mallakes_7greek2hotmail.com thank you.

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