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Reviewer: Dozza

This is a good guide, and has been granted it's own page. If you are a begginer, downlaod this, it gives all the basics, which will lead on to more advanced stuff, as you experiment.

I was taught how to mod, by coolsk8er (without the guide) and he was a great tutor, so his guide will be of high quality. It is great to refer to, so download it here, or read it on the menu to the left.

You want it.

The reviews below were submitted to me by people who used the guide. Email me a review at [email protected] and I will publish it here! Thank you for your help; the walkthrough is very well put together, and after reading it, I found some things I did not do. I would suggest getting some more FAQs. It is fairly complicated, however, good news is that I think others will get a lot of use out of that walkthrough you wrote, it is pretty good. Thanks again for all of your help.

-Greg Starr {[email protected]}

Download now this if you are starting to anim edit/texture/etc...It helped me a lot :D.


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-CoolSk8r32 {Alex Boyd}


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