Monkey Weilding Eitri (REVIEWED)



reviewed by shimano55

Created by Dozza

This mod will make your Eitri (Hero) unit have a monkey for a weapon. It is an entertaining mod but is very simple to do. No offense intended Dozza. It is still a fun mod to have. I recommend this mod for download.





Developer: Dozza
E-Mail (MSN Messenger): [email protected]

Mod Name: Monkey Weilding Eitri!
Unit Changed: Eitri

Whilst Eitri was watching over the small dwarven village, Brokk quietly hobbled towards him. 
Brokk said "Are you ready for the battle Eitri?"
Eitri replied with "Yes, i was just thinking about it."
Then they sat in silance for a while. Finally Brokk spoke again, suddenly, and it had nothing to do with the speaking before.
"I bet you i could jump over that river down their..." He said and pointed.
"Ha! If you could do that, with your short little legs, i would give up my axe, and tools, and battle and work with with a monkey!" Laughed Eitri.
Brokk jumped the river.


-Eitri Stats


1-Download AOMed from AOMFiles. Do a search for it.

2-Convert the anim.bar with the program.

3-Find the Eitri_anim and make a copy of it. Now make a folder and call it oldunits. Put it in here, you can now use this for all mods, put the originals in here.

4-Now extract the eitri_anim into your anim folder, which should be in your AoM directory.

5-You can now place the Eitri on the map editer, he holds a monkey!


-This is a simple mod!
-Build on the idea: You can make ANY UNIT hold ANYTHING, as long as it is an anim file.

--Thanks to...--

Microsoft and Ensemble studios for this game!
The many people and things that got me started on Modding, campaign making and stuff.
coolsk8er, for helping me with the attatching of the monkey. Hehe.


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