Mystery of Troy



- you start with a cupple of humans, you go and claim a settlement

-next you destroy whats left of troy and go north

-when the myth units are killed, cross the river and kill the survivors of troy

well, thats all for now but i did this for fun, so let me know what you found of it

Reviewer: shimano55

This is a hard scenario to play. There are no objectives that are displayed ingame. You have to guess at what to do next. The map is layed out in an interesting way, with a large stream of lava in the middle, cutting off half of the map. The map does include a lot of eye candy which makes it somewhat pleaseing to look at. Though, the lava is very out of place in the grassy map. I don't reccomend this map for download. If the developer could add some objectives, and make the map more realistic, it could be much better.



put the file in your "Age of Mythology/Scenario" Directory

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created by iwan nulens
e-mail : [email protected]

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