Naval Wonder Wars(Reviewed)

Unlimited Recources and Fast Building Water Map!

Reviewer: shimano55



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Unlimited Recources and Fast Building Water Map!

Reviewer: shimano55

This is a very good death match map because of its simplicity and spaciousness. This is a must download for all avid deathmatch players. The map has about 10 settlements on it and is set up for 4 players (2v2). It features a large mass of water in the center with rectangular banks on either sides. The map is not too plaesing to look at, but with too much foliage and eye candy, it would be hard to use this map for a death match. I recomend this map if you love to play deathmatch games, but I cannot recomend it to other downloaders, becasue it is not very interesting or fun top play a normal random map on. This map doesn't get very high ratings because the rating system is set-up very well to accomidate deathmatch maps, but I can assure you that it is a GREAT map for deathmatch purposes.


This map was highly exhillarating. The map is basically a water map which has two areas of land on either side of a river The river has a mountain in the middle of it. Basically you must occupy a wonder (or build one) and keep it protected, while offering some offensive support. You start off with high resources and 3 villagers. The map went along smoothly and was fun to play. The map could have offered some music to help keep the blandness away but that option is customizable by editing the triggers within it. The map is a bit mysterious though. The mountain in the middle server no purpose at all.

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New cool 2v2 water map. You start out with unlimited recources. YOur object is to destroy your opponants wonder. If you control the middle of the map for 5 minutes you will receive unlimited favor.

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