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New Map Editor Ojects By CheeZy monkey

63 new objects for the scenario editor. Wowza :)


This is a small (yes, small) mod that adds 63 new objects to AOM through Anim modding. ---This patch is compatible with online play and with other scenarios who don't have this mod installed.--- If you make a scenario using these objects and distribute it to someone who doesn't have this mod installed, then they'll see either cinematic trees, cinematic rocks, cinematic scorches, or nothing instead of the modded units.

Reviewed by Shimano55

These are VERY cool least I liked them a lot

I'm pretty sure that you need the New Editor for AoM...but read the Readme on the file. There's not much else to say about these objects except that they are very life-like, well made, and yoiu should download them ASAP. Good Job Cheezy.

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To access these new objects, go to the Cinematic trees/rocks/scorches/ flowers/ crates/weapons objects and simply place them on the map.
What I did is I added a ton of different hidden/unused objects to the animation file of these objects, so along with 
the cinematic trees you will also be able to place 2 different Cypress trees and 2 different palms. A person who doesn't have 
this mod installed will therefor only see Cypress trees, while the person who does have this mod installed will see the 
cypress trees as you placed them. 

The New Objects: are found in:

Cinematic Trees
Cinematic Rocks
Cinematic Scorch
Fire Pit
Lightning Rain

In addition to the Cinematic Trees you will also be able to place:

	World E Palm F Cinematic
	World E Palm F Cinematic

In addition to the Cinematic Rocks you will also be able to place:
	Building Construction G Long Brick
	Building Construction G Medium Brick
	Building Construction G Small Brick
	Building Construction E Long Brick
	Building Construction E Medium Brick
	Building Construction E Small Brick
	Building N Gate Flag
	Building X Dock Flag
In addition to the Cinematic Scorches you will also be able to place:

	SFX Fire Charred Ground
	World A Road Straight
	World A Road T Section
	World A Road 4 Intersection
	World A Road Corner
	World A Road End

In addition to the Weapons objects, you will also be able to place:

	tool hoe
	tool knife
	Tool Hammer
	A basket
	N Axe 2handed Iron
	G Shield wood
	G Shield iron
	G Shield bronze
	X Shield Small Copper
	X Shield Small Bronze
	X Shield Small Iron
	E Scepter
	A Bow Copper
	A Bow Bronze
	A Bow Iron
	a wheel spoked
	A HandArrow
	Building G ARFence
	A Axe Wood
	A Axe DoubleBit
	Tool Pickaxe MetalBit
	Tool Pickaxe Miners
	A Resource Grain
	A Resource Meat
	A Resource Fish
	A Resource Wood
	A Resource Gold
	N Sword Standard
	N Sword Bronze
	N Sword Iron
	x lance Bronze
	x lance standard

In addition to the Crates you will also be able to place:
	A Dwarven Forge Cart
	A Dwarven Forge Tarps
	A Dwarven Forge Rocks
	A Dwarven Forge Barrel
	A Dwarven Forge Tred
	A Dwarven Forge Lava

In addition to the Flowers you will also be able to place:


New Objects that didn't work but now do:
	the Fire Pit (flame from the meteorite animation)
	the Snowstorm (unused snow storm animation)
	the lightning rain (Rain, just rain, no clouds or rainbows)
	the metorite object (now has a rock instead of the silly bush)


---------TO USE THESE OBJECTS------------------

All these objects are placed through the Bush, Cinematic Trees/Scorches/Rocks/ etc etc
To place them, select the object and press the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to cycle through the different object types. 
When you find the object you want place it on the map. If you're going to use it multiple times, then
instead of having to cycle through all the objects, simply select the object you just placed, copy it (ctrl+c) and then paste it (ctrl+v)


I made a template for the people who don't want to cycle through all the objects. To use it:
Open up the scenario called "New objects template"

Make sure no menus or anything are open, then drag a box around all the objects, press ctrl+C 
Open you scenario and press ctrl+v. Now the template is in your map, you can copy and paste objects from there faster.


If you are going to make a multiplayer map, it is recomended that you don't use this mod to design your scenario. This mod is meant for hardcore single player scenario designers who want that extra touch of detail in their scenario.


Take the anim files that you placed in the anim folder, and either delete them or move them to another folder. If you move them to another folder you can simply move them back in when you want to use this mod again.


This units mod is the result of 4 hours of "anim hunting" and a further 4 hours of testing and tweaking by CheeZy monkey.

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