Norse Town Invasion

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Sounds good - Check it out!!!

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The people of a lovely Norse village are in for a big surprize as huge Greek armies start rolling in from every angle! However, the Norse won't give up this precious town without a fight! Watch as mountain and frost giants come to their aid from the north, and the nearby eastern town sending streams of ulfsarks to help them out. Even the fabled Nidhogg comes to their aid, in this wonderful AOM startup background. 

What this is: 

This is a scripted non player scenario made for the ingame background you see behind the main menu. It is about a beautiful norse village being invaded by the greeks, and it is scripted to run forever, with reinforcements coming in right when it is needed most. 

Percival Brock's wonderful Greek Battle background definitely inspired me to make this, and I would never have thought it possible without him. Great job! 

To Install: 

To install, extract the ~ui_norse.scn to your scenario folder in your AOM directory. Ex: D:Age of Mythologyscenario This will replace the Norse background. However, you can rename it to something else and just use the menu selection utility to add it to your playlist. 


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