Nubian Elite



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      ___________  KARPUNK´S NUBIAN ELITE  ___________

Hi, this is my first new unit mod. It could be better, but i like 
a lot.
In a beggining is an egyptian unit of women soldier, 
"the Nubian elite". 
Tought that, trained as gladiators, they were the slaves who fought 
for their lives for the  Pharaoh´s entertainment. 
When they was needed on battle, were powerful and wild warriors.
For those of u that want to put them into normal game, i send the
techtree. They could be sumonned on egyptian barracks at the 
second age (maybe too soon... they are powerful, but not too much)
Obviously, u can change everything u don´t like...
Includes the unit´s proto and the barracks´proto.
There´s a pair of little mixtakes on textures, if u notice it and
have a solution, i will be pleased to know it, becouse i don´t have it

_Paste the anim file into anim folder on ur aom folder.
_Paste the snds file into sound folder on ur aom folder.
_Paste the textures files into textures folder on ur aom folder 
 (icons on icons folder into textures folder).
_Open proto or protox file with wordpad and paste the Nubian elite
 proto text, (if u want, paste the barracks proto text) U can extract
 the proto file with aomeditor for example. paste the proto.xmb file
 into ur data folder in ur aom folder.
_OPTIONAL: put the techtree file on ur data folder into ur aom folder.
 or simply paste all the ages 2 of egyptians into ur techtree.xmb file 
_Remove all the files from the folders u pasted in.

If someone wants an autoinstaller, don´t know how to do it, so all
the help will be wellcome, ok?

Doubts, tips, complaints, questions or your sister's phone number:
___[email protected]________________________

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