Olympius VS Erebus Reviewed

Engage in the eternal battle between the gods of heaven and hell.

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Engage in the eternal battle between the gods of heaven and hell.


This really isnt that bad a map. The point of the game is to stop Gargarensis from opening the Hades Gate, and freeing Kronos, the God of Chaos. The scneario starts by showing a cinematic where Zeus informs Arkantos that he must kill Gargarensis again, and than gives him LARGE amount of reasources...hehe.

There are many places to build an army form in your large city in the middle of the map. You have fortresses, archerys, barracks', and stables, and can build almost every unit possible for the Greeks to build. After you get a large enough army, you can head towards Gargarensis's base in Erebus.

This map is not easy by any standards. In the enemy base there are fortresses that rain arrows upon your army followed by waves or infantry/archers/and cavalry. The teel you the truth, itn took me a few times to beat it. :D

Even though this map is not bad, im not saying that there is no for improvement. The terrain could be a bit more interesting. Adding forests, water, and some eye candy wouldn't hurt either. The cineatic could be a little more enticing as well. Currently it zooms a bit to quickly across the screen. I'd definately slow that down. There could also be more triggers, and secondary objectives to make it more interesting.

Even though this map is a quick play, I still recommend that you give it a try and see what you think.


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Download 'spolympiusverebus.zip' (167KB)

There was no readme supplied with the zip when I recieved it...but all you have to do is put the .scn files in your AoM Directory>scenario folder, and than you're done.

To Developer: Please include a readme next time.

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