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Download 'ragnarok_sp.zip' (10.81MB)


This is it. The Battle of Ragnarok. 'Nuff said.


1. Place the .scn file in the scenario folder.

2. This scenario will only work with the stat modifications I made(otherwise the giants win
   easily because of one particular unit). Place the .ofd file in the Age of Mythology folder
   (no sub-folder necessary). Download Vanchu's Object Editor if you don't have it. Use the
   object editor to apply the settings to the game before playing.

3. Unlike my Peloponnesian War scenario, I didn't change the text id#s for this one. So if you
   want to change the names of the units to match actual characters, you will have to do that
   yourself. Here is the list of units and the characters they represent.

   Odin=uber Arktanos, Thor=Hersir, Heimdall=Odysseus, Baldur=Jason, Tyr=Theseus, Freyr=Kastor,
   Forseti=Agamemnon, Frigga=Circe, Freyja=Reginleif, Njord=Achilles, Skadi=Atalanta,
   Sif=Hippolyta, Loki=Kamos, Eggther=Polyphemus, Hymir=Gargarensis, Sigurd=Ajax, Fenrir=Ornlu

   There are 2 other giant units that I won't mention, but you can't miss them.

4. This scenario called for some special music. Place the 2 music files in the sound/music/fight

5. There are also some new terrain types in this scenario. If you don't already have it, place
   the .XMB file in the textures/terrain folder. The new terrain types will appear as transparent
   gaps on the map without it.

I tried to follow the Ragnarok saga as closely as possible, but for practical reasons, I had to
change a couple things. For example, in the saga, the outcome is a forgone conclusion. The giants
win. I tried to make the scenario difficult, but possible to win. Also, in the saga, Ragnarok is
one big battle that takes place all at once and then is over. Hopefully the scenario will last a
little longer than that.

I want to thank everyone who downloaded one or both of my first two scenarios. This will, in all
likelihood, be my last one. But if anyone has any comments or ideas for new ones or how to
improve mine, let me know. My e-mail address is Mike.Martin2@attbi.com

I tried to make each successive scenario better than the last one. Hopefully this one won't

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