Reach268 Map Pack

All of Reach268's single player maps thus far.


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All of Reach268's single player maps thus far.

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Well this is a mile stone. All my maps togehter have finally breached the 1000 downloads point, so i think ill post a recap. This Download Includes All my maps released so far. So i hope you Enjoy it.

Also to show signs of the future, there somthing a little special in there for everyone. A demo of my upcomming RPG. 

a hears a number you will all lern to love 4,173,584,478,178,019,317,005,680,640. whats that? oh thats just the possible character combinations, by lvl 20. yes thats 4 septillian. dont worry it dosent lag, there are just a few options, which multiply out nicly.

Well that should keep you entertained till i release the full priview soon.

Enjoy my history, viva la 1000 downloads.

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