Regi's Way

An RPG story with Reginleif the Valkyrie as the heroine. A combination of playable game and cinematic.


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An RPG story with Reginleif the Valkyrie as the heroine. A combination of playable game and cinematic.

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Welcome to " Regi's way ", english version only, with Reginleif as a RPG heroine.
Vanilla only, by a Macintosh computer which couldn't play the Titans, and by a french guy who would have love to.

Thanks for downloading this heavy file, because of the music mostly.

1)	I will recommand you to first play the prologue ( english or french ) to this scenario to know about the story.
	It's a 7' fully cinematic prologue I did a long time ago, to learn about cinematic, that you can download at:
	and type: Regi's way, prologue       in the search box

2)	You've already unzipped the file if you're reading this. So: You've got 4 folders. Lets do a 1 by 1 installation.

A)	1 folder data:	Including 2 lighting packs. Unzipped them both and drop their entire contents: 29 + 21 ( there is a read me in one of them by the creator CheeZy monkey, don't drop it in! ) lighting effects into your:
	AOM/data directory.

B)	1 folder King Jared mods extra: There is a ReadMe inside about it but again even if you don't have to use this to play the scenario, it would be much better.

C)	1 folder scenario: Including the scenario itself. Drop the Regi's way.scn file into your AOM/scenario directory.

D)	1 folder sound: Including a folder named Regiswayjml that contains 108 sound files. Careful here! Drop the folder Regiswayjml ITSELF!!! 
	( without renaming it!!! ) right into your AOM/sound directory. Don't drop the 108 files separately, that wouldn't work.

Ready, go!

Known problems:
Nothing big:
This scenario has been made on a Macintosh but don't run away, I don't think there should be any trouble.
AOM is definitely a PC game and there is a lot of things I couldn't do, no Titans expension for Mac, for instance.
So I going to mention a couple of bugs... that might never show up.

1)	You might encounter a little problem when exiting a cinematic with dialogs. AOM " memorizes " the icon of the last character who spoke and I didn't find a perfect way to get rid of it! ( The main problem between a Mac and AOM is all about typing. As soon as you have to type letters or... space which would be the right thing to do in that dialog case, AOM doesn't the way a Mac does it ) . Meaning you could get a sort of shadow in the left bottom corner of the interface that's gonna prevent you to use some of this interface buttons.

Like always, if you run into such a problem, just restart the game. This is going to wash the AOM memory off.

2)	If you happen to play latter on with a blond Arkantos or an Hippolyta  who looks like Brook, you simply forgot to uninstall King Jared stuff.

3)	If your computer crashes, and in that particular case it's a bit of my mistake since I'm a sort of newbee who loved, when he first strarted this scenario a year ago, firing 20 triggers at the same time! So save quite often, especially right before a known crash. And then restart from the saved file, with a brand new fresh and just cleaned up computer memory.

4) Well, actually... I don't see any 4... Hope you won't either.

For those who been playing AOM a lot, you might run into some situations that I hope are going to ring a bell. 
It's just my way to pay a very warm, personnal and friendly tribute to some AOM designers who really impressed me through their talent, their skill, and sometimes, even some poetry.

I'm thinking here big way of:

	-	Istari, the first one who told me I could make anything I want with AOM... as long as I wanted it.
	-	Grand4, I still prefer his earlier name though, Mago Merlino, who teached me that the only reasonable way to get something good out of AOM was to go totally... nuts!!!!!!!! A genius!
	- 	King Jared for making... a movie. It seems a bit of a short phrase. But it's not. Try to make a movie and then you'll understand. Thanks for the mods by the way, Lord Whisper.
	-	The Vandhaal, of course, for the beauty of his work, his creativity, his poetry... and his great humanism.
	-	CheeZy Monkey and all of these mod guys who could go crazy just to make things a little better
	-	Oscar, proud member of an amazing italian school of AOM designers. For his great talent to write story with such a skill and elegance that you don't even think about trigger anymore. I never do anyway.
	-	And also these 2 guys working together, long time ago, italian maybe, indian, I can't remember, they made many amazing early scenarii which I played called: The 3 Worlds of Kirn 1, 2, 3. I just found the names at heavengames!!! : Saratov & Rikjas. A short story: They came up with another one, a scenario? I couldn't play, some technical mess... So I went through their triggers. Triggers! For the first time of my life. And I decided I would play their game one way or an other! This is how I started to make Regi's way. I wish I could remember the name of this scenario... I really do.
	- 	Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk, Reyk! And I truly believe I don't have to say why he is here.
	-	Special thanks to all the musicians that gave me joyfully the rights to use their music for free, knowing that there was no money involved around this, for a change.
	-	Heavengames: If you think about it, this website and this forum are so perfectly organized and so efficient.
	-	AOM, Ensemble studios, Macsoft for coming up with such a game.

And, before all of this, the AOM Community at Without you all, I wouldn't have done it...
... I've heard that! Who said " Too bad! "... I'm sorry but someone said " Too bad! "! Who said that? Come on, guys...

Salut! And Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean-Marc Lezineau
[email protected]

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