Roasted Chicken (November Modding Contest Entry #2)

unit_dnas_roasted_chicken.zip —


This mod will add a new unit, the roasted chicken, into your game. Very creative..cant wait to try it ;).



Thank you for downloading the Roasted Chicken mod.

===How to Install===
First of all, this project uses the Bar Loading mod. If you have not downloaded it, you can get it from here. (It has the download link and instruction on how to install the Bar Loader)

Now, open your barlist.txt file.


; Mod bar files:

insert (on a new line)

dnas roasted chicken.bar

Now, find the file dnas roasted chicken.bar. Place that in you AoM folder (the same folder you hav aomxmod.exe from the Bar Loader in)

Now, make a backup (just rename to something) of your old xpacklanguage.dll and replace it with the one supplied with this download.

Now AOM has all the files needed to run the chicken mod. All that's left is to add the chicken mod to the proto code.

==Proto Code==
Go to your AOM folder. Then go to the /data/ folder.
If you have a protox.xml file, go to the proto code.txt file included in the download. Paste that right before </proto> in protox.xml. Then look at the previous unit block. It should say

<unit id=&quot;A NUMBER&quot; name=&quot;SOMETHING&quot;>

Add 1 to that number and type that into the CHANGE ME section of the proto code I suplied.
If you have a protox.xmb and no xml, open AOMed and convert that xmb to an xml. Then do what I said earlier.
If you have neither, just stick the protox.xmb file I supplied in there.

===OoS Errors===
You cannot play with this unit online. It will cause an error. (obviously)

--Dnas (the Great)

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