Rogue Wars

| Rogue Wars | By CheeZy

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| Rogue Wars | By CheeZy

Thanks for Downloading my map!

ROGUE WARS: Rogue Wars is a "Last man standing" map inspired by Paintball in Age of Kings. In Rogue Wars the objective is to use strategy and battle manneuvers to defeat your enemies. The last person (or team) left alive wins.

This map pack includes 3 skins of the map. Mountain, Rivers, and Plateaus. The different maps have the exact same gameplay, just on a different map.

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Download '' (512KB)

INSTALLING: 	To install Rogue Wars, place all 3 different versions of this map into your scenario map directory, 
		found at C:\program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\scenario

TEMPLATE:  	This template is a blank map version of Rogue Wars, it has all the triggers in it and everything else.
		If you want to make your own version of Rogue Wars feal free to do so by using the template, 
		what you want to do with it is up to you, just please mention that your map was made through my Rogue Wars template
		I spent alot of time on the 250+ triggers in this map, so please don't take away the credit I desirve. In otherwords: Don't steal my map :)

Credits:	special thanks to Matei and aznduy2 for testing this map with me and giving me ideas.

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