Scorpion King

Reviewer: Dozza

This is a great new unit that is an upgrade of the Scorpian, exluded from Age of Mytholgy's final release. I like this un...


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Reviewer: Dozza

This is a great new unit that is an upgrade of the Scorpian, exluded from Age of Mytholgy's final release. I like this unit, the silver and gold clash to make it seem grand.

Remember: This is not the Scorpian King from one of the mummy films, this, but it is great, nonetheless. Download this, i like it and am sure you will to, and guess what? It doesn't replace the original unit. Hehe, you may have noticed how much i dislike that type of mod (usually).

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Download '' (101KB)

      	      	    		    ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
						~ - Scorpion King: A New Unit Modification - ~
            	      		    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Utilities Needed:

-AoMED - Download AoMED Here:
-Vachu's Text Editor - Download VTE Here:


This is a new unit!!! WOW!!! lol - This mod is an upgrade of the scorpion man, and uses a new texture and new stats -
transforming it into... THE SCORPION KING! Dun Dun Dun!  It is a very cool mod that you might have seen in the PoTD


Part 1: 	Run the EXE file included in the ZIP archive.  Make sure to install to your main AoM directory (details
		included during installation :D)

Part 2:		Run AoMED which you should have downloaded above in the Utilites Needed section.  Also download Vachu's
		Text Editor, which you also should have downloaded above in the Utilities Needed section.  Run AoMED.  Click
		'Input Data File.'  Find the file '' in the Age of Mythology/Data folder.  Click 'Read Data File.'
		Now,click the 'Direct File Conversion' button.  Find the file 'proto.xmb' in the folder Age of Mythology/Data.
		Click OK, and AoMED should convert the file to XML format.  Open the newly created proto.xml with notepad or
		wordpad, it doesn't matter which.  Simultaneously, open the file proto.txt included in the ZIP archive.

			At the top of proto.txt (the one in the ZIP archive), you should see many ones at the top (i.e. 111 etc).  
		Open Vachu's Text Editor.  Click 'Add New Line.'  Type in 'Scorpion King' in the text area and also provide an
		ID number that has not been taken up, for example, 2, or 184, or something like that.  Quit out of Vachu's Text
		Editor, but remember that ID number.

			Bring up proto.txt (the one in the ZIP archive) and at the top, where you
		saw all those ones, replace all those ones with the ID number that you gave to the line in Vachu's Text Editor.
		Remember not to remove the quotes around the number.  Type in the same number you replaced the 111s with in the
		333s area.  The number you put in for the ones and the threes should be the same.  Now, copy and paste ALL of
		the text in proto.txt into the bottom of PROTO.XML between the last two words: </unit> and </proto>.

			Scroll up in proto.xml (you can now close proto.txt) until you find all of the 222222s etc.  This is your 
		'database identification,' or dbid.  Scroll up in proto.xml into the previous section, and find the dbid number
		of the previous unit.  Remember that number, and scroll back down to Scorpion King's dbid (the twos).  Type in
		the previous dbid number +1, i.e. if the previous dbid was 2622, then the Scorpion King's dbid should be 2623.
		There now should be numbers in the areas that were originally ones, twos, and threes.

			You can now place your new unit in the map editor.  I know installation was confusing, so please email me
		at [email protected] if you have any problems.

Questions or Comments?  Want a little guide on modding?  Email me at [email protected]
Thanks for trying my semi-new unit!

-Alex Boyd
-Yes Alex Boyd and CoolSk8r32 ARE the same person lol

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