Scottish Arkantos (Reviewed)



This mod gives your Arkantos the look of a scotsman, arkantos is wearing just a kilt and a bag strapped to his belt, he has also got a few accesories like cuts, straggly hair and a beard.

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I like this mod a bit. I think this one took more effort than some of Joey's other mods, because I'm not quite sure how he took off Arkantos's shirt and made it look realistic. Maybe he ripped it off another texture, or maybe he's just got skill :). However this was made, it is pretty good, 'cause Arkantos actually does look Scottish. I recommend this mod.




Put the .ddt files in the Textures folder in your AOM Directory.

---Please note:

This mod was built by Joey the Titan and produced by the Aom
Network Design Team. Also the builder of the mod or Aom Network
Desogn Team is not reliable for any bad things that happen to
your game or anything else.


Please e-mail [email protected] for comments, complaints and questions.


Building: Joey the Titan
Producing: The Aom Network Design Team

---Final notes:

Thank-you for downloading this mod and we hope that you will enjoy it.


                               The Aom Network Design Team

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