Shilmista - The Era of Rain Showers (REVIEWED)

Lead a merchant through an experience that will change his life forever.

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Lead a merchant through an experience that will change his life forever.

Reviewed Shilmista: The Era of Rain Showers follows the story of a humble merchant forced to abandon his homeland and business after it is destroyed by invading soldiers. He comes across a neutral village and decides to establish himself there instead by conducting a series of small quests for the locals.

Shilmista is an original scenario, being one of the first AOM scenarios to have an RPG (role-playing game) element to it. The player, for example, has the ability to select the quests he or she wants to undertake. The player can also select which weapon and armour upgrades they wish to purchase with the gold they are awarded from completing these tasks. This aspect of the scenario is extremely well triggered with no evident bugs and a true credit to the authors thorough knowledge of triggers and the AOM editor. The scenario eye candy, though not outstanding as the map is mostly forest, is still well constructed and no area of the map is left blank. It is not however over-the-top and un-natural looking, which can occur in such scenarios.

The storyline is far more engaging than the description suggests. I, to be honest, when I first played this scenario thought it would be quite uninspiring and dull. I was pleasantly surpised though, to discover that it was quite the opposite. Though the initial scene (the escape from Shilmista) was relatively mundane, the tasks you are required to undertake in the village are both original, fun, and overall quite engaging. In fact, the only disappointing aspect of the scenario are the cinematics. The author over-used complex camera tracks, which at the best of times are messy and rough. The use of camera cuts, both close-ups and distance shots of the characters, would have been better suited in certain places. He also had a tendency to show the edge of the map, which looks unprofessional.

Overall though, Shilmista: The Era of Rain Showers is a thoroughly enjoyable little scenario, bringing enjoyable and challenging task ideas and gaming styles to AOM.

Reviewed by BlueDragon27

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When you open the .exe file and it asks you what path to install to, you must select your AoM folder in Program files (default is C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology), not in My Documents!

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Grappling onto the cliff-side, you can hear your undertakers below. Your biceps strain, and you pray they don't have enough sense to look up. You sense them looking about, surveying your once small yet profitable fishing business. They shrug, seemingly disappointed, and walk back to continue looting with their compadres. A zephyr comes from the west and lets you know you can get down. You hit the mix of grass and dirt and return to the bush you had been at but five minutes ago. You grasp the handle of your sword. The blade glistens in the falling sun. Dusk will soon be upon you. You pick a handful of berries and stuff them in your pouch. Traversing the hill in which you had previously been clutching, you survey the land before you. The Syrus River flows in its majestic way, toward the east. Further on, you can make out the dull outline of Grainsport. That is where you will start anew. Little do you know, the world, Shilmista, that houses Grainsport and its neighbors has a dark underside, in which you will stumble upon in due time.

The story begins simple enough. You take up the role of a mild-mannered merchant who owns a small, yet profitable, fishing business on the Island of Clearwood. One day, bandits ransack your business; however, you are able to make it out without being detected. Your goal is to get to Grainsport and to become more of a handy-man, delivering packages, escorting people to various places. Your combat skills, however, do not go unnoticed, and you find yourself being called upon the military officials of different towns and cities and asked to go on daring adventures. You soon realize, though, that the most daring adventures are brewing right under your feet.

Shilmista: The Era of Rain Showers
By Byzantine Warrior @ Tsunami Studios

Please read the readme file for important issues.
Note: If you come across any bugs, please mail me at [email protected]


The Winner of the "Best Playable Scenario Award."
The Winner of the "Best Story and Instructions Award."
A Winner of the "Best Cinematography Award."

Thanks to those who voted for it! :)

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