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Reviewer: Auron_2

Sorry to give you...


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Reviewer: Auron_2

Sorry to give you such low rating, but the scenario is full of technical problems:

1). Map Design: The scenario needs more different terrain texture. buildings are too aligned, spread them through the map. i suggest using objects like pots, rugs, columns, markets stalls, grass, ETC

2). Balance: What player was I supposed to be? When I played this scenario i was playing as player 2. I was given 3 plentys, a bunch of villagers, buildings, ETC, which really, didnt make it a challenge at all. besides starting with high resources, map revealed, and 300 of population, you already start with a large army, that can easily take out greens army. i suggest adding a little more challenge by making player 2 start from the archaic age, and not giving the player such a large army and resource to start off.

Green and blue doesnt seem to be ally or at least neutral to each other. so i sended my scout, and make greens army follow my scout and into blues army, killing almost all of greens army. blues army has 2 gate rams which are usless. when the counter reach a certain time, one gate ram is teleportted to players 2 gate. however, these gates DO NOT cause damage to anything at all!

Even before player one moved to my base, i had enough time to build an army and kill about half of blues army. when blues army moves to players 2 base, it will no attack until it reaches a certain point. i suggest putting the optiob

put more enemies around the map. put player 1 army and greens army to attack different places. oh, about cinematics. i guess they were okay, but there were many speeling errors.

to make the objective window appear, use the effect. you wrote the objectives but you forgot to add this objective.

player 2= overpowered

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How to Install: Move this file into your aom scenario folder
Description: A war of seige between Gargaransis and Agamenmon and it if filled to the max with fun it is an excellent download and you should download it

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