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Reviewer: Dozza/Script

This changes your Greek Hero Jason into something that looks like it's from a sci-fi film/program. It is not recco...


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Reviewer: Dozza/Script

This changes your Greek Hero Jason into something that looks like it's from a sci-fi film/program. It is not reccomended, and to me looks ugly, sorry Coolsk8er!

There is not much else to say...

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This time it's not a new unit, but it's a cool new texture that looks either like Jason is possessed, or he is
from star trek and looks futuristic.  This simple mod is just something to spice up your game.  I'm not sure
if this can be used over the internet because I don't have internet on the computer that has Age of Mythology.
I transfer things from my XP (that has AoM) to my WinME that has internet (but no AoM).  Go to AoMH and ask
people in the forums if you can use new textures over the internet.


1. Download either Vachu's BAR Explorer or AomED and then extract to your textures folder
(it's really straight-forward; you'll get it!!!).  Rename the file "hero g jason standard" to
"hero g jason standardold."  Also, rename the file "hero g jason head standard" to "hero g jason head standardold."
This way, if you don't like my work you can get back the old textures by simply deleting my files and taking the "old"
out of the old textures (i.e. "hero g jason standardold"; just change that to "hero g jason standard";
do the same with the head).

2.  Now that you've done that, copy and paste the DDT files into your textures folder.  If it says "do you
want to replace the file 'blablabla' with 'blablabla'", it means you didn't do step 1 or didn't do it right.
Do it before continuing. Then, run AoM and when you either (a) create jason in a rm/cpn or (b) place him in
the map editor, he will look like he's got a dark blue helmet and a futuristic coat of armor.


Obviously, don't do this unless you've followed the installation correctly or you'll have to reinstall AoM
(and we all know that's a REAL pain in the -).  But if you don't like the texture, you can actually keep the
armor and not the helmet or keep the helmet and not the armor.  Or both.  Delete the file:
"hero g jason standard" and take out the "old" from the end of the filename "hero g jason standardold."  This
is how to uninstall the armor and get the old one back.  You can do the same for the head.

Questions or Comments?  Can't get this to work?  Email me at or post a file comment.

Modding Tip:

The "g" in "hero g jason standard" stands for "Greek." Pop Quiz: what do "e" and "n" stand for?!?

-someone in the AoMH forums

Thanks for trying my third Age of Mythology Modification!

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