Survival of the Phoenix (Reviewed)



These files just keep getting better and better :) Survival of the Phoenix is amazing. Period. The cinematics are the quality of an AoM worker, maybe even better. You play Setna, who is furious that Set destroyed all of the Phoenixes. So a group of warriors joined him to retrieve three Phoenix eggs to restore the almost extinct race and stop the wrath of Set. This is a huge campaign, with 12 scenarios, and each of them are very good. The intro cinematic is impeccable, and the end is awe-inspiring. Its that good. Accolades Oddy. ...waveslave...

Well Its that Time again. This campaign was possibly the largest that I have played in a long time. I was confused by the first mission in which you have to collect resources because I had accidentally killed the pigs that I had encountered while playing it. Although It was understandable, I would not reccomend it. Some of the instructions were hard to understand because of the not-so-straight forwardness. It got kind of boring towards the end of the campaign. .::.the0thermonkey.::.



Survival of the Phoenix, version 1.1,	-by Oddy.

--For AoM Vanilla and The Titans--

To install:
-just run "SoP_v1.exe" to install all scenario files and the campaign files in your main AoM folder.
-most info in this document is included in the install wizard.

To uninstall:
-run the "Uninstall" file in your main AoM folder or go to the Software screen of Windows.

The campaign will show up in your campaign menu in AoM. Credits are included in the last cinematic.

IMPORTANT: This campaign was translated from Dutch (thanks to Eekhoorn). If you find any remaining Dutch texts or bugs, please mail to:
[email protected]

Thanks for downloading!


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