The Adventures of Johnny Ray

File Details Version: AoM: The Titans An exciting story-based RPG played over two generations. Worked on for the better part of a year....


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File Details Version: AoM: The Titans An exciting story-based RPG played over two generations. Worked on for the better part of a year. May I humbly add that I, as well as playtesters, consider this scenario to rival those of current top positions.

Part I: Poor Young Johnny Ray Barleybrawl, a mining town on the coast of Newreach, awakens one morning to an out of the ordinary wind. As 8 year old Johnny Ray plays with his friends, he is oblivious to the worries of the villagers around him and his own terrible fate. But what will the wind of change bring...?

Part II: The Dangerous Beast 30 years after the Barleybrawl mine disaster, the villagers are ready to open their abandoned mine. But unfriendly creatures have moved in, and there is something much more dangerous killing off the miners... Soon, Johnny Ray and his chums will face the beast but what will be the outcome?

FEATURES: -Music from Michael Jackson and Blondie. Meanwhile, tracks from the Zelda game complement parts of the game perfectly. -A stamina system; you can run, but you can't run for long. -A large quotation system. Click on the villagers and they'll insult you. Your fighters will congratulate each other after a fight. Let a fighter die, and they will grieve around the gravestone. -A chicken named 'chicken delight'. -Over 100 forumer references. -Rather nice eye-candy; walk around a busy town, explore an abandoned mine, or stroll through an enchanted forest. -Set up a camp; by having your characters put up their tents they can sleep off fatigue or injury. -A pet dog that will follow you and your chums around. -10 unlockables, including two lengthy word documents. -An argus named 'Groper'. -Several quality cinematics. -An exciting storyline. It'll make you laugh, and it'll make you cry. -Play hide n' seek with your childhood chums. -Snowstorms will rise and fall in intensity over time; stay in an Inn to wait them off. -A giant named Thurg Bigwilly, who will warn you not to run under his skirt or risk being hit with his 'enormous' club. -Much innuendo.

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Download '' (4.73MB)

The installation process is manual; you will have to place the game files into the appropriate folders yourself.

Place the '~The Adventures of Johnny Ray~.scx' file into your Scenario folder.
This will probably be at C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario

Place the 'Greyshark's RPG sounds' folder in to your 'sound' folder.
This will probably be at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\sound

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