The Assassin (Reviewed)

A single player scenario for the titans made by Kaput.



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A single player scenario for the titans made by Kaput.

Reviewed By: Auron_2

there is simply too much space, which is never use. you can easily get into the city by just using the special anubite attacking in a sentinel.

the only challenge was to find the oracle when i was in the city, which really didnt took me long to find, and was easy to kill.

there is no story, you just suddenly start in the middle of the map. If you know how to make cinematics, i suggest you make one as an intro of the scenario. also, you the effect to tell the player the objectives.

the scenario took less than 10 minutes to finish. when you kill the oracle an "advance scenario campaign" box appears. however, the victory condition didnt turned on, nor the game ended.

when the oracle is killed, i suggest adding "Set Player Won" and "End Game" effects.

the hints didnt came much uselful since it wasnt neccesary to find the other oracles and kill them in order to get godpowers. the map design was okay. But more terrain mixing, eyecandy, would give the scenario a better rating.

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The Assassin


- kill the oracle hiding in the northern town


-Extracting The Assassin to your AOM/scenario folder


-kill the oracles on the east and west of the map to gain bonuses
-player 3 shrines grant god powers when they are destroyed


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