The Battle of 'Gloinhelm' (REVIEWED)



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Created by Dozza

This map is pretty good, for a first. This map has no bugs / glitches / whatever (at least I didn't find any). The scenario starts out with a cinematic and very mood-matching music. You then are given control of the army and the king, who is the only way you can win this map. The trolls immediately start attacking, and are easily defeated. Then mountain giants come. Easily defeated, but harder than the trolls. Each next invasion is stronger than the last, ending with a fire giant attack that has enough power to kill Demi-God ("uber") Arkantos. It finishes with a camera cut at the gates, and mediocre conclusion. Download this one, it's pretty good. Dorian does a good job of the terrain, but the trigger timing is sometimes sketchy. Some of the invasions are too spread apart, and Reginleif can heal your whole army back before more giants come. Overall good; a very skillfully made map, and if it had a good storyline, it would've gotten a much better rating. Good design, but cliche storyline. Still fun.





Developer: Dozza
E-Mail (MSN Messenger): [email protected]
ESO: Diastion
File Type: Single Player Scenario

Scenario Name: The Battle of 'Gloinhelm'
Wherehelm?: My made up norse kingdom
Inspiration: Rangarok


Gloinhelm, a place favored by the Aesir, but haed by Giants and their allies. Rime, Fire, Mountain and Trolls destroy it, and the Gods rebuild it. Gloinhelm will stand!
You lead the capital of Gloinhelm, you protect it from your foes.


1-Extract the 'Battle of Gloinhelm.scn' file into your scenario folder, do not place it into a second folder inside that. The scenario folder should be inside your AOM main folder.
2-Extract the 'Orff - Carmina Burana - O Fortuna' sound file into your 'fight' folder, which should be inside your 'music' folder which should be inside your sound folder in the AOM main folder.
3-Check that both files are in the right place.


-The Kingdom of Gloinhelm, should only be used if permission is granted. Please dont use it without my knowing, so email me.
-Please don't modify this file. As with all my files, i don't like to spend time on them to have them changed. Please don't!
-If you scout you may stop the game from running properly. Try to by your corner of the map, for that is how the game should be played.

--Thanks to...--

Microsoft and Ensemble studios for this game!

The many people and things that got me started on Modding, campaign making and stuff.

And finaly, the creator of the Ragnarok scenario, sorry i can;t recall your name, but thanks.


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