The Battle of Helms Deep



Reviewer: Dozza/Script

This is a scenario trying to immitate Helms Deep.

The first bad thing is the cinematics. They dont take you back to the right position (the camaera) and you can hardly see. The units moving about is not good... it is very unrealistic.

The second, the installation instructions. They don't tell you anything and also, in the readme you have some files missing, which it mentions in the readme.

It is terrible, sorry about the bad review but i really couldnt play this scenario. Not reccomended.

If you feel offended, i am sorry, i am a strict reviewer and it could be good if you re-worked it. Clean it up, it needs it.



.:.:.:.Age of Mythology Battle of Helms Deep Readme.:.:.:.

Hey this is the Battle of Helm's Deep and it's pretty simple, but kinda confusing too.


NOTE: before you unzip the files, download Vachu's Object editor and Vachu's Text editor. You can get them here: http://aomfiles.com/file.info?ID=8386   and here: http://aomfiles.com/file.info?ID=8503


first, unzip the helmsdeep.scn file to the scenario file in the age of mythology folder.
second, unzip the helmsdeep.ofd file to your object editor folder which is in the aom tools folder. (this changes the stats of the units)
third, open up object editor and open up helmsdeep.ofd and then go to file and click apply settings to game.
fourth, unzip the data.vdf into the text editor folder which is in aom tools too. (this changes the names of the units, such as Odysseus to Legolas)

					Thats it!

I'll be making a couple more LOTR scenarios for aom and aom the titans soon!

If you have any questions or problems email me at [email protected]

created by yojoe1103

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