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A map with over 1000 triggers, dailogue, and music. Looks worth a download ;).



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A map with over 1000 triggers, dailogue, and music. Looks worth a download ;).


The scenario really seems to be worth having. it features some amaizing cinematics that play really well along with the story. unfortunatelly, the scenario is in Italian, which made it hard to review and make comments on. Map Design is colorful, full of new ideas, good terrain mixture, overlapping, with some really nice tricks along with it. I didnt find many problems with the scenario. the scenario/objectives seems tobe playing really smooth. however, since its in italian, i couldnt really understand the story line, and objectives, so no points added-substracted from this category.

The scenario Is a chanllenge if you dont understand italian. also, the cinematics are over too long that sometimes just ruins the funfactor, but just some minor bugs.

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Category: Age of Mythology > Maps > Singleplayer Scenarios

                       T H E   C H A L L A N G E

Scenario single player for Age Of Mythology ( no civilization of atlantis)
realized in September 2003

- 1000 triggers
- 130 animation (5 submarine),
- dialogues between the protagonists,
- all very best music of Age Of Mythology.


Thank you for using “The Challenge”.


This “The Challenge-readme” contains the latest information about “The Challenge”
scenario “”, for instructions and usage.

Table of Contents:

·	Files Descriptions “”
·	Installation Instructions;
·	Uninstall;
·	Technical Specification;
·	Target and suggestions;
·	Synopsis.

The author is not responsible for any damages or loss of data that occur to your system
for using "The Challenge" scenario.



The file “” contain:

- Scenario file “The_Challenge.scn” in italian language ( Target and suggestions have been
  traslated in english language;
- This document in .doc .pdf .txt format;
- The Challenge screenshot.

To view The_Challenge-Readme.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window.
To print The_Challenge-Readme.tx, open it in Notepad
or another word processor, then use the Print command on the File menu.

                        INSTALLATION  INSTRUCTIONS

Extract the .scn file from the zip-Archive into the folder "AoM\Scenarios"
(X:\Programmi\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario.)
After that, you can start AoM, play the scenario via "Single Player" and select The_Challenge Scenario.


      You  could remove the " The_Challenge.scn " by deletting the .scn file

                            TARGET and SUGGESTION

In this scenery cheat is not admitted for revelation map, harvest gold and wood; and 
some of the numerous animations are very long, have patience!

TARGET 1: Collect 2000 wood units at least before dawn. 
Suggestion: Villagers are not enough. Create more at soon. HURRY UP! 

TARGET 2: Take Arkantos and his crew on Athena's island. Nobody one should die! 
Suggestion: Be aware of the Death Island shores, somebody told that the isle is 
surrounded by powerfull submarine observation tower. 

TARGET 3: Group your men to the Athena's temple: Nobody one should die! 
Suggestion: Be Carefull: In the island there are a lot of wild animals. 

TARGET 4: Discover a strategy to enter in the Hades Erebus. 
Suggestion: Not all battleship can destroy the huge wood door in the Kemsyt's 

Target 5: Find the dwarf's statue and take it in their temple. 
Suggestion: Beware of evil creatures you could meet on the sea 'n on the land. 

TARGET 6: Approach Hades' door and wait for dwarf's god help. 
Suggestion: As usual you shall firstly destroy the monster army you will find 
during your way. 

TARGET 7: Find the huge temple on the damned isle and kill Gargarensis. 
Suggestion: You Shall kill Kemsyt and his enslaved creature firstly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The story of the history of Arkantos and the challenge with Kemsyt, brought here under,
has been translated with a software for translations from the Italian language to the language English.
I am sorry for the uneasiness. 

I am looking for a friend to translate this scenery in the language English,
I pray if interested to write to this address  [email protected]

… In remote once, where myths and legend prevail on the history, bawls that   
they tell some heroic deeds of a brave warrior they pass the doors of the   
great suggestion of Atlantide, so much to make him in little time first admiral   
of the troops atlantidee. In few years Arkantos succeeds in freeing himself of all the   
hostile of the island, and now, in his kingdom it prevails the peace and calm,   
allowing so to eliminate the whole naval fleet and to reduce his army to   
few about ten brave warriors. As I reward the God Poseidone it gives to the   
people of Atlantide a magic trident that succeeds in making to move the gears   
what they feed the pomps to withdraw the water from a stratum that it passes really   
under the island, making it rich of inexhaustible resources. A little far,   
on the accursed island, sinister characters, led by the perfidious Gargarensis,   
they organize a plan to appropriate some magic trident to use for   
to strengthen the strengths of the evil.  
… An evening like so many others to Atlantide… Castore, the child of Arkantos   
he meets secretly Liliana a young farmer, his future bride. Meanwhile   
from the horizon it sprouts Kemsyt with of his bunglers in rump to strange creatures   
harbors, and the same, invite shortly after very kindly the two young people to do,   
a walk on the accursed island. A strange machinery put to stung by it   
same Kemsyt, is ready to work, and in few second, the same Kemsyt   
he succeeds in taking the semblances of Castore, this last more profit from alive that from   
corpse is confined in an underground jail of the island. Kemsyt returns   
immediately to Atlantide, and with the semblances of Castore it deceives Arkantos   
convincing to go him on the island of Athena with all of his soldiers because her   
goddess has something of main point to tell him leaving the trident so unguarded.   
After having picked up enough firewood to build the transport ships Arkantos,   
and his men depart for the island of Athena. Meanwhile Gargarensis and Kamos him   
they approach to Atlantide been unguarded. Arkantos, once to the temple of   
Athena, has an undesirable surprise, Kemsyt discloses his true identity and his   
plain, by now gone all to sign. In fact Gargarensis finds few difficulties   
to take possession some trident causing the block of the gears of the pomps,   
and therefore of the source of water, doing so to fall the island in the drought and   
poverty, increased by the angers of Poseidone that it makes to fall a rain of meteors.   
The desperation of Arkantos is interrupted by the voice of Athena that punishes   
the admiral turning his best friend Ajax into a wolf and the   
adviser Teocrate in the legendary Pegaso the winged horse. Every whenever   
Arkantos will need it, Ajax he will take the semblances of a mighty lion, and   
Teocrate of a phoenix, for then to return to wolf and Pegaso when necessity is   
Besides Athena incites Arkantos to recover the trident recommending him before   
to pass to the entry of the afterlife, where the souls of brave warriors him   
they would have given the strength to defeat Gargarensis. Other bitter surprise for   
the atlantideo, all of his men have been reduced in "not dead", Kemsyt him   
you has removed every wish making almost them some forced zombies to wander on the island.        
After various mishaps, monsters, snakes, giants, meteors and other, Arkantos   
he succeeds in entering the bowel of the accursed island, where it discovers that the entry   
for the afterlife it is blocked from an indestructible door. In the occasion it knows   
Eitri, the head of the Dwrafs, a people of miners that Gargarensis has transformed   
in "not dead" to extract gold from the mines. Their god Thor, cannot do   
nothing because the precious figurine of the temple of the Dwarf has gone dispersed.   
Eitri promises to Arkantos the help of his god if he succeeds in returning her   
figurine to the temple. In fact it returns back immediately putting himself to the search of the   
precious relic, and once found again and delivered to the Dwarf, the god Thor   
it finds the way to open the door for the afterlife. Á. the inside, Arkantos comes   
crushed by a mysterious strength that makes him in few second more powerful person and   
invincible. Now with his lance there is no more enemy that cannot defeat,   
but you has not made the accounts with the dragon of Kemsyt that launches broadsides of fire   
from the tall one. To defeat resorts him to the use of a lot of throwing weapons.   
Kemsyt, crushed by the anger it turns him into his/her true identity, the man   
Scorpio, that is killed however by the lance of Arkantos. Same end,   
this, that has had Kamos before hands her for the afterlife it opened.   
The atlantideo is by now near the great temple of Gargarensis this last,   
it invokes a rain of meteors to the turn of our hero, without succeeding to   
to stop him.   
Gargarensis uses his last resource, it gives life to the statue of Poseidone that   
it holds up in hand the stolen trident. The same starts to attach Arkantos,   
this last with a leap succeeds in hammering hisr lance in forehead to the   
living statue that falling pierces through really with the trident, Gargarensis,   
causing the death of it.   
Once to his place as all the happy ending histories, the soldiers of Arkantos   
they return as before and the gears return to rotate getting to the   
atlantidei the most precious good for the island.  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is not a historical scenery, to exclusion of Arkantos, Castore, Ajax,   
Gargarensis, Kemsyt, Kamos and Athena that we know very well, other characters   
and done contained, I am him to consider of pure imagination of the author.  
Any fact, character or anything else other than corresponds to the reality, it is from   
to consider him purely casual.  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
It saves the game with a lot of frequency.  
You try to follow the thread of the history without going him to insert in angles,   
of the map or unexpected situations, seen the tall number of trigger, I don't exclude   
what a point is verified of "I don't return" that it prevents you from continuing and you   
he forces to restart the scenery. Considering that Arkantos is the protagonist, it will owe   
present being always in the principal scenes and during the moves, without   
its presence will be impossible to access the various phases that follow him   
in the scenery. Some triggers and therefore sequences and various phases of the scenery,   
they depart with the condition "visible to the player", accordingly using the   
codes to disclose the map, he will go to create a big country house. To avoid this   
who will do the cunning one you will be postponed to the principal menù. Same thing for her   
diplomacy among the various players, is planned from the scenery up to the end,   
to avoid to insist for changing it, so that to avoid undesirable surprises.  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Challenge has been created maintaining a line "arcade" and "kinematics". Arcade   
because the formulation is based on small "enigmas" or however events that him   
they follow the one from the other, it needs so to resolve the first one to pass to   
that following.  
Kinematics because the carrying out of the history is composed from various scenes where the   
player doesn't have to do anything else other than to look what happens.  
This scenery has been created and tried using a pc with processor Atholon   
XP2200+ and video card Nvidia 440MX, not escudo that with a pc with performances   
inferior the animations can suffer some decelerations. The lovers of the action   
in the game of strategy in real time, some they will be annoyed, seen the elevated one   
number of animations where you cannot be done anything else other than to be to look. The lovers   
of the editor, they will find it instead very interesting, since they are confined in   
an only scenery the best animations, sounds, music, effects unity and   
quant'altro used in the whole country of base of Age Of Mythology, composed from   
more than thirty sceneries.  
"The Challenge" she can freely be published in internet, only condition is   
that to write two lines by e-mail for notice me.  
As usual you can contact me for suggestions, criticisms insults spits and   
threats (11 joke).  
I recommend you, if you have not already done him/it, to unload "The last shipwreck",   
scenery for Age Of Mythology.  
If you own the game Age of King, The Conquerors, don't lose you   
absolutely the sceneries "Her David's Jails" and "Mohammed II° and the Sacred one   
Relic", this last winner of the inside contest for the good scenery   
organized by the staff of the Project Phoenix.  
The all can be unloaded by my site or /, otherwise them you can find around for the net.  
A particular thanks to Karlem for the translation in English of the objectives and suggestions;  
to Ten2000 of Age of Empire Italy and to Ganesh, for the long tests and the individualization of bugs.  
You also thanks Asamax and the other members of the   
Project Phoenix that you have furnished precious suggestions for the realization of   
this scenery.  
I am looking for a friend to translate this scenery in the language English,
I pray if interested to write to this address  [email protected]
 For the latest information, visit my web site at:


If you encounter any problems: [email protected]

                       			                 Mago Merlino 

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