The Destiny of Moria (Reviewed)



In the dark depths of Moria, Gimli and the dwarven king Balin fight a desperate and uneven struggle to free their kingdom. Important: this scenario doesn’t narrate what happens in Peter Jackson’s film but what takes place before the fellowship of the ring enter in Moria.

VERY well done. This map employs than full power of AoM's scenario editor. The cinematics are aweinspiring, and the music only adds to the greatness. Oscar Baldessari has done a great job on making sure that everything worked out perfectly.

The story follows that of GImli and Balin, as they regain moria form the evil goblins, and their ice titans. The only con that I have, is that the objectives could be a little more exciting and developed, but that doesn't interupt gameplay at all. I reccomend this map to ALL downloaders.

Review by: shimano55




To play this scenario extract all files from the ZIP archive, place the .scx file in the scenario folder and the .mp3 files in the ...Age of Mythology/sound folder.

1) You must play this scenario with level of difficulty "Hard".
2) If you use map-editor with this scenario you will see a lot of units in the map that seem to be useless but in fact they are necessary for same triggers.
3) If you want some advice you can see it during the mission clicking on the objectives and “show hints”.
4) Use god powers in the right time.
5) Remember to correctly place all files.
6) If you find problems or mistakes, send me an email.
7) YOU NEED THE EXPANSION to play this scenario.
8) With slower computers, some parts of this scenario could be slow.

If you, after have played with my scenario, want to vote it I pray you to not ponder my bad English and my grammar mistakes. 

Scenario created by Oscar Baldessari ([email protected])

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