The Fields of Pelennor (Reviewed)



Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

The first thing I would like to say is the creator of this scenario DEFINITELY played the White City and wanted to remake it. He did a good job.

This scenario starts off with a whole load of orcs destroying Osgiliath, and Faramir is in the city as well. Note here that his name actually is Faramir, and not Jarl or whatever. Nice job with the stat editing. You rescue Faramir with Gandalf (Bellerophon), which is basically saying bring Faramir out of the city because he's faster than the orcs :D.

Once he is safe, the orcs attack the White City in waves. At this point I noticed that the beacons of Gondor are burning, something that DaveYoung left out in his scenario, I think... Anyways, eye candy points here and more points for actually remembering to do this.

The orcs keep attacking, and they use a variety of soldiers, too. All have edited stats, every unit on the map is faster and stronger etc. It's super fun to play like this - definitely more realistic.

You keep Faramir and Gandalf out of the battle (because they need to survive if you want to win) and start bringing out all of your men. Arcus line the walls along with super-catapults and a huge load of Myrmidon, spread out nicely and in formation. By now I noticed Pippin (Hero of Ragnarok) standing on the top of the big, plateau thing that stretches out nicely from the palace, and he is overlooking the battle. I didn't bring him down, though, because the author doesn't say anything about him (and I might've lost if he'd died, we don't know, though)

You have huge amounts of fun dying and killing orcs, and then it becomes too much. Your heroes are good, but not good enough. This map is too hard. I cheated. WRATH OF THE GODS kept me alive, otherwise I would have lost then and there. This map needs to be easier. But, just when I thought I needed to enter the code a second time, the camera cuts to the riders of rohan, who come to your aid.

You're saved! Finally, you can beat the orcs! Until you realize that orcs have attack bonus against riders of rohan, even with Eomer (Contarius) and Theoden (Contarius Hero) to help you. Just when you think all is lost, it isn't.

A flare at the bottom of the map comes, and the Oath Breakers arrive, with Aragorn. With humongous hitpoints, they and Aragorn (Kastor Adult), Gimli (Eitri), and the other heroes cleanly wipe out all of the orcs still in Osgiliath, and then with super-sped-up speeds, they zoom over to Gondor and kick some orc ass to win this scenario.

The Oath Breakers defeat all the orcs in Osgiliath and in Gondor, but you still don't win. ZENOS PARADOX. I used the vision god power to find some randomly placed units in the corner of the map, sedentary, not moving. This should be fixed, as well as there being absolutely NO eye candy outside of Osgiliath and Gondor. Minus points there, but the superb FunFactor of this scenario makes up for it. Check out the screenies for some shots of this map in action. Great map, keep 'em coming, Luna!

P.S. I've averaged my scores with WaveSlave's, so they represent both of our opinions.

Reviewer: WaveSlave610

Hmmm. My first thought is, I wish this had a cinematic opening to it. It doesn't matter much, but I think it adds to the quality. Next, I see the awesome eye candy on this map, which looks inspired from the movie, from the highest parts of Minis Tirith to the burning atop the mountains signaling the Rohan to come. The gameplay is average, on the hard side, but it feels like LotR. Especially when I see my Legolas unit used :). So, no, I have not yet seen a true remarkable scenario that lives up to the letters LotR, but this certainly deserves a download.



The fields of pelennor

To install the scenario put the scx archive into the scenario folder 
where is installed the aom game

To put the music put the two archives into the sound folder where is 
installed the game

You have to save minas tirith from destruction, you have the help of 
Gandalf and other characters of the movie

I hope you enjoy it, because i think is very similar to the movie

If you have any problem email me at [email protected]

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