The Hobbit

"In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dr...


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"In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort." - The Hobbit, by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

The scenario 'The Hobbit' chronicles nearly every major plot point in the novel, from the encounter with the Trolls to the Battle of Five Armies. I tried to stay as close to the original story as possible, incorporating a lot of dialogue straight from the book. Other features include:

- Different gameplay methods such as stealth and strategy - RPG elements such as sub-quests - A level-up system based on the number and type of enemies you kill - A bonus mission should you reach high enough a level - Cinematic cut-scenes render important points of the plot - An 'html' readme file which contains many tips and tricks, as well as a comprehensive walkthrough for every sub-quest and power-up in the game - Different modes of gameplay for beginners and experts

NOTE: The scenario can theoretically be played on all difficulty levels, with varying degrees of difficulty respectively. I would play on 'Easy' though, for that is what I based my play-testing on.


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The Hobbit 

By John Ronald Reuel Tolkien 

Scenario by Istari (member of DGDN) 


One morning, Bilbo was approached by the wizard Gandalf, who had not been seen 
in the Shire for quite a time. Without even poor Bilbo's permission, Gandalf 
scheduled a meeting of Dwarves the next day at Bag End (Bilbo's residence). The 
Dwarves had been led to believe that they had come to hire Bilbo, whom they 
believed was a professional burglar. Bilbo was supposed to journey with them to 
Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, there to steal a great horde of treasure from the 
dragon Smaug. Long ago, Smaug had taken over Erebor and made all of the Dwarves' 
treasure his own; now the Dwarves were going to reclaim it, with the help of 
Bilbo Baggins Esquire... 

If you want anymore background... READ THE NOVEL! STRONGLY ADVISED! 

Hints and Tips: 

1. If any one member of your party dies, you will lose. Alternatively, you have 
the option to turn this off. Near the beginning of the scenario, you will see a 
cinematic telling you about the different modes of gameplay. 'Real' mode is 
normal mode - if any dwarf in your party dies, you lose. 'Simple' mode is easier; 
it doesn't matter how many dwarves die, you won't lose. You can activate this 
mode by selecting the sparkling column on the other side of the Brandywine River 
( in the Shire), where the cinematic finishes off. If you activate 'Simple' mode, 
it will be activated for the entire game, otherwise 'Real' mode is the default. 

2. If anyone you're escorting (i.e. former prisoners) dies, you will lose, 
regardless of whether you're in 'Easy' or 'Real' mode. 

3. After a certain number of XP, you will go up a level, upgrading your armour, 
attack, etc. 

4. It is advisable to gain the most XP possible, as it will help later in the 

5. Click on people shrouded by columns of light; they will give you quests which 
you can complete for experience, or they will carry on further with the plot. 

6. Use Gandalf to heal the Dwarves and Bilbo. 

7. Sometimes, you may find surprises to help you on your way... 

8. Locations pertaining to certain objectives will flash on the minimap for 30 
seconds when the objective is first received. Right click on the blinking 
location on the minimap to order your units straight to that point. 

9. The tougher the enemy, the more XP you will earn. 

10. The level you currently have is displayed by your gold quantity (i.e. 2 gold 
= Level 2). 

11. Click on road signs for directions. 

12. You start at Level 0. 

13. You can play at different difficulty levels - the higher the level, the 
tougher the monsters! 

14.You will gain experience points (favour) for quests, and for every enemy you 

15. Conserve any Valar (God) Powers you find/recieve until you are in DIRE need 
of them (*hint hint* Restorations *hint hint*). 


1) Favour: 5 Upgrades: Bronze Shields 
2) Favour: 10 Upgrades: Bronze Mail 
3) Favour: 20 Upgrades: Bronze Weapons 
4) Favour: 40 Upgrades: Olympic Parentage 
5) Favour: 70 Upgrades: Copper Mail 
6) Favour: 100 Upgrades: Copper Shields 
7) Favour: 130 Upgrades: Oracle 
8) Favour: 160 Upgrades: Increase Regeneration 
9) Favour: 200 Upgrades: Copper Weapons 
10) Favour: 230 Upgrades: Iron Shields 
11) Favour: 260 Upgrades: Iron Mail 
12) Favour: 300 Upgrades: Iron Weapons 
13) Favour: 330 Upgrades: *Bonus Mission* 

Optional Quests and Items: 

1) Help Farmer Cotton with the harvest: 

a) Take the path between the 2 southern Hobbit-holes east of Hobbiton, and you'll 
find Farmer Cotton's farm. b) Start harvesting berries once you gain possession 
of the ox cart. c) Once you have about 20 food, your quest will be complete! 

2) Rescue the Dwarves: 

a) After listening to Thimbur, take the brown dirt path south between the copses 
of trees. b) Defeat all the bandits. c) Destroy one of the walls surrounding the 
captive Dwarves. d) Escort the Dwarves to Thimbur. e) Thimbur is the lone Dwarf 
at the Western gate of Bree. 

3) Investigate the name-sake of the Green Dragon Inn: 

a) Follow the dirt road south past the old shrines and ruins until you come 
across a massive dragon skeleton - and voila! 

4) Help the boy defeat Bertram Ferny's gang: 

a) Talk to the boy near the western gate of Bree. b) Go find Bertram Ferny at 
the Prancing Pony, at the top of Bree hill. c) Defeat Ferny and his gang. d) 
Return to the boy near the western gate of Bree. 

5) Slay the wolves for Greta Forkbeard: 

a) Talk to Greta and her husband near the eastern gate of Bree. b) Go out the 
gate and turn slightly south to find the wolf pack. c) Slay all the wolves, and 
return to Greta for a reward. 

6) Help Trevor Oakleaf get his farm equipment back from Kain Clubthumb: 

a) Talk to Trevor Oakleaf, who is at his farm in the northern portion of Bree 
near the base of the path leading to the top of Bree hill. b) Talk to Kain 
Clubthumb, the Dwarven smith, in the southern portion of Bree. c) Once you gain 
possession of the ox cart, start cutting wood. d) Once you have about 20 wood, 
Kain will relieve you from duty. e) Talk once again to Trevor Oakleaf to 
complete the quest. 

7) Investigate the Midgewater Marsh: 

a) Find a way through the trees near the wolf pack's den east of Bree. b) Once 
you've entered the marsh, wander all along its border until you reach its 
southern border. c) Explore the southern border fully, and you'll find a 

8) Explore the ruins in the Wilderlands: 

a) Turn south after you cross the ford, and you'll eventually find some ruins. b) 
Slay all the orcs, and voila! 

9) Help recover the wounded eagle's egg from the wargs: 

a) Once you're Gandalf and you are tasked with following Beorn, make your way to 
the river's edge and try and find a ford along it. b) After crossing the ford, 
go west and you'll find a wounded eagle - talk to it. c) Travel south past the 
warg 'boss' and you'll finally come across the wargs' lair. d) Slay one warg, 
and the others will run away. e) Return to the eagle to give its egg back. 

10) Explore the old ruins of southern Mirkwood: 

a) Before crossing the black river, explore the southernmost portion of Mirkwood. 
b) Once you come across some ruins, voila! 

11) Explore the immediate area on the other side of the black river: 

a) Turn south and follow the road on the other side of the black river until you 
reach a camp at the edge of the map - voila! 

12) Help Old Kanter get his gold back from the ruffians: 

a) Talk to the blind man (Kanter) at the western-most portion of the river 
village (immediately after escaping from the Elves). b) Turn north until you 
come across some ruffians - select the ruffian surrounded by a column of light. 
c) Defeat the ruffians and return to Kanter for a reward. d) Garrison Bilbo in 
the boat to continue to Laketown. 

13) Rescue the old man's grandson from the goblin band: 

a) Talk to the old man just inside the entrance of Laketown. b) Go out of the 
city and walk east and then north along a narrow path through the forest. c) 
Once you see the brigands, kill them all. d) Escort the grandson back to the the 
old man for a reward. 

14) Get rid of the wyrmlings from around Laketown: 

a) Talk to the man by the farms near Laketown. b) Go north along the road, and 
then turn east before you cross the ford. c) Defeat the wyrmlings and return to 
the man for a reward. 

15) Explore the ruins on the southern peak of the Lonely Mountain: 

a) Before crossing the ford, turn east and explore the wilderness. b) Once you 
find a large hill, travel along it until you find some ruins. c) One of the 
ruins on the hill will yield a surprise... 

16) Explore the western area around the Laketown farmland: 

a) Turn west from where Bilbo and the Dwarves first come into Laketown (the dock). 
b) At the north-western edge of the dock area, you'll find a pathway leading 
north. c) Follow it... 

17) Gain enough levels to access the secret mission... 

a) Slay all enemies you come across, and reach Level 13. b) Once you're at the 
bonus mission, guide Gandalf along the stone path. c) Don't attempt to destroy 
the sentinals - they don't count for XP, and they are tedious to destroy. d) 
Defeat Theris and the fire giants near the fortress of Dol Guldur. e) Defeat the 
Necromancer himself, and you've won the game! 


Note: Ajax had to be used in the goblins caves instead of Eitri because for some 
reason enemies wouldn't acknowledge Eitri's presence at all. 

Note #2: Yes, I know that this scenario is REALLY big, therefore this will most 
likely mean slow-downs on lower-end computers. Suggestions: a) Turn the graphics 
settings way down. b) Close all other programs before trying the scenario. 

Note #3: In the game, you can earn over 100 favour, therefore once you reach 100 
the count starts over, even though you keep your level and XP count. (i.e. If 
you have 120 favour, it will show as 20 favour, even though you really still do 
have 120). 

Note #4: Some players may find that it is quite a distance to Rivendel, even 
though the companions made it there in only the 3rd or 4th chapter into the book. 
But in reality, Rivendel was quite a distance from the Shire, and I tried to 
make this scenario as geographically close to Middle-earth as possible. 

Note #5: Some people may have trouble getting unit dialogue for quests, upgrades 
etc. Try selecting the unit and waiting 3 or 4 seconds. If dialogue still does 
not appear, deselect the unit and dialogue should appear. 

Note #6: In the Battle of Five Armies, there are just so many enemy units that 
if you kill any, they will not count in your favour (Ha!Ha! Pun!). No enemies 
killed in the bonus mission will count for XP either. 

Note #7: When you come to Laketown, only bring one Dwarf (or Hobbit) into the 
city. If you bring them all in, there is a chance one or two might get stuck 
between houses or something. Sorry! 

Note #8: You might experience problems with objectives. Sometimes when you get a 
new objective, it merges with the previous one and doesn't have a checkmark with 
it. I think I've fixed this problem though - just a little heads-up. 


To install this scenario, simply unzip the files to some location or other and 
copy the '.scn' file to the 'scenario' folder in your Age of Mythology game. 


- The novel 'The Hobbit Ā©' was written by JRR Tolkien. 

- This scenario was created by Istari, a proud member of DGDN (Dragon Gaming 
Design Network), located at 

- Gratefully playtested by Battlestar and Darkmaster; also of DGDN. 


Contact me at newt_jedi AT yahoo DOT com or newt_jedi AT hotmail DOT com.

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