The Land of Mother Nature's Friend

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The Land Of Mother Nature's Friend: by King Hundua

Note: All of what I say in here you really should know 
before hand.

For starters if you don't know you have to put the 
scenario into the scenario folder of aom to be able 
to load it in aom.

This is the second scenario I have made which is purely 
a 4 player multiplayer dm map.  

Why it's different then other multiplayer map's is 
because everyone will start off with and get allot more 
resources than the typical random maps and etc withought
being an overwhelming amount (unlimitted). But it will 
certainly be close enough because there is one computer 
who gives everyone tribute of allot more resources then 
what they all started with.

It will give tribute to all of the humans later in the 
game but not to far away into it to make sure that you 
won't run out of resources withought ever gathering more. 

There is guardians of this land which are the computers 
units.  They are kept deep in forrests and are an enemy 
to all of the humans in multiplayer.  They are all very 
powerfull so all of the human's should stay far away 
from them and the computer will let everyone know 360 
seconds into the game.  But just to be safe you might also 
wan't to let everyone in your multiplayer game know 
first because it's not at all part of the game to try and 
destroy them to because of how powerfull they are for 
starters.  You see, the computer will be defeated by timing out 
anyways in only 913 seconds which is just after it gives 
all of the tribute to everyone so the winner can get 
the victory end.

I have named the computer mother nature's friend but it
won't be called that when you play this in multiplayer.

It is player number 5 (at the bottom) so make sure you 
set it up as a computer when you host this multiplayer 
scenario map as a multiplayer game.

This is the end of the readme.  So thankyou and enjoy!!

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