The Lands Of The Mysterious



This legend is taken from a story of an old scenario ... This scenario is made by parsifal, contains over 1300 trigger, over 170 movies, more than 450 sound ...

History of Scenario : A scenario that we achieve are used nine months .. However, thanks to an oscar, matty is also MagoMerlino ... Arkantos without native land, and with a lot wants to return in its house, dispersed in a island still today disowned, and to the taken ones with maleficent stregone, between tremendous pirati and monster frightening ones, it is what we will find in this splendid scene. To its flank the beautifulst Reginleif, scaltra and fast guerriera that will guide it for all the adventure, in the attempt to free the lost island of Telmos from the tyranny of the bad Kemsyt wizard. byby... ^^


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