The Last Spartan

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A Scenario by Gaurdian_112


- A beautiful 512X512 Map. - Great trigger work- you can jump, go into stealth mode, and even switch zoom modes. - Outstanding Puzzles- can you solve them all? - Tons of Cinematics. - Engaging Story Line.

Known Bugs:

Jumping Bug: If you click on a sentry tower (in order to jump) while moving, the trigger will not fire. Terrain Bug: If you type terrain in the chat box, to change view, it will fire twice (no big deal, just thought I would let you know).

Please save often incase the jumping bug occurs for you. The F8 Button allows you to quicksave.



TLS Readme-

Place the TLS.scx in your scenarios folder and the eight.mp3 in your sounds folder- make sure 
it goes into the sounds folder in your main AoM directory, not the My Documents one.

"Once, a long time ago, an army of 300 Spartans defended the pass of Thermopylae..
It is said their valor was so ferocious, that the Persians themselves lost their will to fight..
For two full days, 300 Spartans held back over a million of the Persian enemy...
Greek Legend States that all 300 Spartans died at the Battle of Thermopylae...
But I shall tell you another story. The story of the wolf. Talos the Wolf!"

The Last Spartan tells the tale of the only survivor of the Battle of Thermopylae- where 300 Spartans managed to hold off over a million Persians for 2 full days. 

Kleidemos, the survivor, is attempting to escape the carnage and wage war elsewhere- but what traps lay ahead?

Contact info (MSN): scooter_logical AT hotmail DOT com

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