The Lion King



This scenario, I think was kinda of funny. I'm sure it wasn't intended, but my dad is obsessed (<--not exaggerating this) with Disney, and we goto Florida 4 times atleast a year. Now about this scenario... You start off with Simba as a little lion cub. You follow Simba's dad (sorry forgot name) to a place. And if you watch the Disney movie you know what happens.

After you meet up with Pumba and Timon. Then you head back where you started and fight this huge battle with Scar. Hyena's and Lions, I was trying to figure out hot to zoom! Its really awsome. Kinda short though but just had a classic feel to it?

Can anybody say The Lion King 2?




Map name: The Lion King

Desiner (your name): C.C

E-mail: [email protected]

Install notes: Stick it in the "scenario" folder.

This is your chance to re-enact everyone's favourite lion-based Disney animated feature film!

Other Notes:
This is a single-player scenario.
I came across a map called "Lion King" on aomfiles.com and thought it was an AOM version of the Disney film. It wasn't. So I decided to reproduce my own version of the film. I also drew some inspiration from the excellent "White City" AOM scenario by DaveYoung on aomfiles.com.

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