The Long Way Home

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This scenario has no clear storyline, you are Ajax which must get home from his "vacation" with Achilles. On his way home, he meets a lot of different people, where someone wants him to do something, others wants him to buy something or look at something, and someone just wants him dead.

You must get him home.

For a fairly mundane storyline this is one scenario that, for all intents and purposes, is really well designed. It starts out, as the title suggests, with a small cinematic of Achilles saying farewell to Ajax who must return home. This cinematic is failry mediocre quality-wise, mostly because the author made the mistake of using a camera angle that showed the edge of the map, its nice to see a new designer at least attempting to create a cinematic. They really do add to the storyline and give a professional edge and despite appearances they really aren't that difficult to create.

Back on track. The basic gist of the scenario from there is to trek through villages and valleys, completing a multitude of small tasks along the way, to get Ajax back home. It's difficult to get lost in this scenario as the author has created a path for Ajax to follow that doesn't allow you to defer from it much. Although this is relatively handy and does allow the scenario to progress both smoothly and rapidly, it's a little unrealistic and detracts from the challenge. The game play itself is easy to grasp and very difficult to fail at as there isn't much in the way of fight-time. Probably not the best scenario for those who prefer all-out battles but overall a brilliant piece of work.



No readme was included but the scenario needs to be placed in the AOM/scenario folder.

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