The Lord of the Rings - MIDDLE EARTH

2 maps of Middle Earth pne you fight on the land of Mordor and the other map you fight in the Misty Mountains.

There is a lot of detail...


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2 maps of Middle Earth pne you fight on the land of Mordor and the other map you fight in the Misty Mountains.

There is a lot of detail and AH in these maps.

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                          Created By Sasquatch Hunter (map1) and Edwardium (map2)

- Unzip both maps to "Age of Mythology/scenario" folder

                               order for things to work out right and look good

A complete replica of JRR Tolkiens Middle Earth for AoM. 
This map uses the largest possible size map in the map editor (500 x 500 metres) and though 
many parts are hugely out of scale, it contains all or most of the details from the world of
the Lord of the Rings.

This map good for a slow turtling game as the abundance of thick terrain and large map size
makes it difficult to rush. 
At the moment, both maps are built for 1 v 1, and since it is probably not suitable for such
a small number of players we are allowing you to EDIT NUMBER OF PLAYERS to your liking.

If you see something which is quite different from MIDDLE EARTH, its either that we just 
threw it in for better gameplay or it's the best we could do to recreate that thing.

This map has only a handful of triggers; eg. For Day to Night, rewards for doing stuff,
We built it like it is, because we wanted to play in the world of 
Middle Earth and explore and recognise the landmarks.

The maps have Day, Dusk, Night, Dawn events

Here are some of the landmarks of the map (note: Some of the features may only be in one of the maps)

- THE SHIRE (kill the defending hobbits to steal the farms and destroy Bilbos House, for a reward)

- MORDOR - Mount Doom (Orodruin) with some cool looking lava
	 - Sea of Nurnen has a few fish but kill the monster first
         - The Tower of Barad'Dur is well defended with 10 watch towers and shoots Lightning
	   (beware Saurons revenge if you destroy his tower)	
         - Watch out for shades and serpents who will attack anyone
         - quite a bit of gold
	 - (map2) If you can defeat the army of Mordor, you will be generously rewarded

- THE MISTY MOUNTAINS (Divides the map in half, use the glacial passes to get to the other
                       side, but watch out for the trolls. Gwaihir the Eagle in the far South)

- ISENGARD (Cool looking Tower of Orthanc which shoots lightning, there is a worldwide reward after 
            the destruction of the powerful tower)

- FANGORN FOREST (Watch out for Ents)

- MIRKWOOD FOREST (Ents will attack you, and beware the Wood Elves in the trees)

- THE LONELY MOUNTAIN (Smaug guards the many relics and Gold Mines, kill Smaug to take all the gold)

- THE DEAD MARSHES (watch out for the shades hidden in the dense mist)

- HELMS DEEP (A small fort near Orthanc which will attack you)

- MINAS TIRITH (Fortress guards Gondor from Mordor)

- Gate to Moria (watch for the Watcher in the Water{Kraken})

- Old Forest (with Tom Bombadil's house)

- Barrow Downs and other Downs (contains relics but watch out for shades)

- Trollshaw Forest (watch out for the three trolls {from The Hobbit})

- Houses of Healing (capture the Healing Spring)

- Dagorlad (the Battle Plains where isildur cut the ring from Sauron)

- Dwarven Warriors guarding gold mines (dwarf Heroes of Ragnarok)

- Caradhras (Much easier to see the three peaks in Map2)

- Gap of Rohan (Riders of Rohan {will fight back} and Theoden's Edoras)

- Lothlorien

- Emyn Muil (sheer cliff faces lead to the Dead Marshes)

- Sarn Gebir (cool looking rapids near Argonath)

- Mordor mountain ranges (many passes into the land of Mordor)

- Brandywine River

- South Gondor (arid dry desert with a few elephants)

- Minhiriath and Enedwaith (watch out for the dwarven warriors)

- Sea of Rhun (An abundance of fish)

- Argonath - THe Sentinels of Numenor on the Anduin

Both maps were made off the same Middle Earth template created by SasquatchHunter (me) and we 
worked together exchanging information and eye candy to each other. This is probably why
they are both so similar. They each took us quite a while to make so don't go flaming us 
for doing something wrong. It is our interpretation of the world (and a bit from the two 
movies which I must say were great!)

We didn't want to post up two different maps, as we don't like hearing that one is better
than the other.

Feel free to e-mail us with tips on how we could make it better (Sasquatch Hunter)
or (Edwardium)

									Sasquatch Hunter

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